A Celebration of Touring Excellence: Keith Urban Hosts the CMA Touring Awards

A Celebration of Touring Excellence: Keith Urban Hosts the CMA Touring Awards

Keith Urban, the acclaimed country music superstar, has built his career on the foundations of touring. With over two decades of experience as a touring musician, Urban understands the rigors that come with life on the road. It is no wonder that he has been chosen as the host for the upcoming Country Music Association (CMA) Touring Awards for the second year in a row. This prestigious event celebrates the tireless efforts of the unsung heroes behind the scenes in the Country Music touring industry.

The CMA Touring Awards recognize and honor vital members of the touring community who often go unnoticed. Categories such as Coach/Truck Driver of the Year, Crew of the Year, and Lighting Director of the Year shed light on the crucial roles that contribute to the success of a live show. Keith Urban, with his years of experience, holds a deep appreciation for these hardworking individuals who keep the shows on the road.

Keith Urban’s journey into the world of touring began in 2001 when he joined Brooks & Dunn’s Neon Circus & Wild West Show as a supporting act. Since then, he has embarked on numerous headlining tours and witnessed firsthand the dedication and hard work required to make each show a memorable experience. As someone who has not only performed but also set up equipment, worked as a lighting guy, and been part of a crew, Urban knows the immense effort it takes to bring a tour to life.

Reflecting on his role as the two-time host of the CMA Touring Awards, Keith Urban expressed his gratitude and excitement. He feels honored to have been asked to host the event and to acknowledge the unsung heroes behind the scenes who make the magic happen. This recognition is a testament to his own deep understanding of the touring industry and his appreciation for the hardworking individuals who contribute to its success.

Sarah Trahern, the CMA Chief Executive Officer, also emphasizes the importance of honoring the touring community. She recognizes the dedication, resilience, and vital role they play in keeping Country Music alive across the globe. Trahern excitedly announced the addition of five new categories this year, including the Crew of the Year honor. These road warriors are the lifeblood of Country Music, and their contributions deserve to be celebrated.

In addition to the existing 15 categories, the CMA Touring Awards this year feature five new categories. Artists such as Old Dominion, Chris Stapleton, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and Keith Urban himself have seen multiple members of their crew receive nominations. This expansion of categories provides more opportunities to recognize the exceptional talent and hard work within the touring industry.

Voting for the CMA Touring Awards opens on December 13 and continues until December 28. The highly anticipated ceremony will take place in Nashville, Tennessee on February 12, 2024. This star-studded event will bring together the industry’s finest, celebrating their achievements and contributions to the world of touring.

Keith Urban’s recent years have been filled with remarkable milestones. After a world tour and a successful residency in Las Vegas, he is now back home to spend the holidays with his wife, Nicole Kidman, and their two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Urban’s dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with audiences have solidified his place as a beloved country music icon.

As the CMA Touring Awards draw near, the spotlight shines on the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Keith Urban’s role as host underscores his personal connection to the world of touring and his appreciation for the hardworking individuals who bring live shows to life. This celebration of touring excellence serves as a reminder of the immense dedication, sacrifice, and talent present within the industry.


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