A Hilarious Prank: Trump and Cuomo’s Attempt to Punk Chris Cuomo

A Hilarious Prank: Trump and Cuomo’s Attempt to Punk Chris Cuomo

There is no shortage of entertaining stories when it comes to the world of politics. However, an upcoming book reveals a particularly amusing incident involving former President Donald Trump, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Cuomo’s younger brother, former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. According to Melissa DeRosa’s memoir titled “What’s Left Unsaid: My Life at the Center of Power, Politics & Crisis,” Trump and Cuomo once conspired to prank-call Chris from the White House.

During a meeting in the Oval Office, Trump apparently suggested the idea of pranking Chris Cuomo to his brother Andrew. In a lighthearted manner, the former president asked for Chris’ phone number, expressing his desire to make the call immediately. Trump’s request took Cuomo by surprise, but he managed to evade the situation by claiming that his brother was busy at the moment. However, the persistent Trump continued to persuade Cuomo, insisting that it would be hilarious to prank-call Chris.

Unfortunately for Trump, security protocols meant that Cuomo’s phone had been confiscated, preventing the impromptu prank. Despite the setback, Trump clung to his prank idea, hoping that Cuomo could deliver the message to Chris instead. Cuomo, perhaps feeling the pressure, suggested that he would pass along a message to his brother. Eventually, Trump reluctantly gave in, acknowledging that the prank would have been fun. The incident left DeRosa, Cuomo’s former top aide, feeling as though she was having an out-of-body experience.

The context in which this prank unfolded provides further intrigue. Cuomo was in Washington, D.C., during this time, seeking federal funding for infrastructure after the COVID-19 crisis. Reports from 2020 indicate that Cuomo had a meeting with Trump shortly after a public spat on Twitter and national TV. Chris Cuomo, who was later dismissed from CNN, allegedly for aiding his brother in navigating a political scandal, became involved in playful banter with Andrew during the early days of the pandemic.

However, 2021 brought a turn of events for Chris. He was fired from his long-standing role at CNN following allegations that he had advised his brother on evading sexual misconduct accusations. Both Chris and Andrew denied any wrongdoing. DeRosa’s memoir also delves into various other political figures, such as New York Attorney General Letitia James and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, shedding light on their interactions and experiences.

The lighthearted prank proposal by Trump to call Chris Cuomo from the White House showcases an amusing interplay between prominent political figures. This incident adds a touch of humor to the often serious world of politics and highlights the surprising connections and interactions that can occur within the political sphere.


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