A Missed Reservation: Drake’s Restaurant Recommendation Goes Unfulfilled by Food Influencer

A Missed Reservation: Drake’s Restaurant Recommendation Goes Unfulfilled by Food Influencer

In the realm of food influencers and culinary enthusiasts, Staten Island’s very own Danny Mondello, known for his popular TikTok account Meals_by_cug, recently made a surprising revelation. Mondello shared an anecdote about the time hip-hop superstar Drake reached out to him with a restaurant recommendation. Unfortunately, this seemingly exciting encounter didn’t unfold as planned, leading to disappointment for both Mondello and his followers.

The Alluring Offer from Drake

During his appearance on the monthly online game show called “Rent Free,” hosted by Ankur Jain, the founder of Bilt Rewards, Mondello divulged his favorite dining spots in New York City. These included Emilio’s Ballato on Houston Street, the renowned Lucali for its delectable pizzas in Brooklyn, and Lee’s Tavern, a local sports bar and pizza joint on Staten Island. However, amidst these recommendations, Mondello disclosed an unexpected experience involving the Canadian rap sensation.

A Memorable Interaction

Jain was curious to know about any noteworthy personalities who had contacted Mondello through direct messages (DMs). Mondello humbly responded with the revelation that Drake had reached out to him. The rapper had made an intriguing proposition, inviting Mondello to his favored restaurant in Toronto called Sotto Sotto. Flattered but skeptical, Mondello cautiously accepted the invitation, unsure if it would ever come to fruition.

Sotto Sotto has earned a reputation as a celebrity hotspot, with Drake himself frequently bringing his dates to the establishment. In fact, he has even mentioned the restaurant in his song “5AM in Toronto” and sported a leather jacket adorned with the Sotto Sotto name. Despite the allure of this restaurant and the promising interaction, Mondello candidly admitted that he had not yet visited Sotto Sotto. Disappointed, he lamented, “No, not yet. I would love to go… he basically ghosted me.” Mondello playfully commented on the situation, utilizing Italian slang to suggest that Drake treated him poorly.

A Fortunate Consolation

Despite the missed opportunity to visit Drake’s recommended eatery, Mondello found silver linings elsewhere. Surprisingly, he emerged as the winner of rent payments for a total of eight lucky individuals on the online show “Rent Free.” Bilt Rewards, the startup behind the show, enables users to accumulate reward points through rent payments. As the show progresses, it has also featured renowned entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” judge Kevin O’Leary.

Danny Mondello’s encounter with Drake’s restaurant recommendation sheds light on the unpredictable nature of celebrity interactions and the potential for unfulfilled invitations. While the prospect of dining at a favored spot of an internationally recognized artist holds immense appeal, it also reveals the challenges of establishing connections and realizing shared experiences.

In the ever-evolving world of food influencers, moments of disappointment can sometimes occur, leaving followers yearning for the fulfillment of shared culinary experiences. Despite the unmet reservation, Mondello’s tale serves as a reminder that connections with influential figures can prove elusive, creating unexpected outcomes within the ever-indulgent realm of haute cuisine.


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