Aaron Donald’s Wife Starts a New Trend with Super Bowl Championship Ring

Aaron Donald’s Wife Starts a New Trend with Super Bowl Championship Ring

The celebration of Super Bowl victories has typically centered around the players and their championship rings. However, Aaron Donald’s wife, Erica Donald, has broken the mold by receiving her own version of a Super Bowl LVI championship ring. This move has sparked excitement and curiosity among fans and jewelry enthusiasts alike, as it may mark the beginning of a new trend for wives and girlfriends of professional athletes.

The Inspiration

Last year, Erica Donald approached celebrity jeweler Moe Diamonds with the idea of creating a ring that would mirror Aaron’s Super Bowl victory. Aaron Donald, the star defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams, had recently received his own championship ring after defeating Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals in February 2022. Erica’s proposal to have a comparable piece was met with enthusiasm by Moe Diamonds, who saw the potential for it to become a fashionable statement among WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of athletes.

Moe Diamonds poured his creativity and craftsmanship into designing Erica Donald’s Super Bowl championship ring. The ring features a dazzling display of VS-VVS diamonds, yellow and blue sapphires that match the Rams’ team colors. The centerpiece of the ring is an F-color marquise diamond, meticulously cut to resemble a football. Not only does this design element add a touch of uniqueness, but it also pays homage to the sport that brought the Rams their victory.

Symbolic Elements

In addition to the exquisite gemstones, Erica Donald’s ring incorporates meaningful symbolism. The initials of Aaron Donald are prominently displayed, representing the pride and connection between the couple. The number 99, Aaron’s jersey number, serves as a reminder of his exceptional performance on the field. The letters SBLVI, an abbreviation for Super Bowl LVI, are a testament to the Rams’ incredible achievement. Lastly, palm trees are incorporated into the design to represent the couple’s home city of Los Angeles.

With an impressive three carats of diamonds, Erica Donald’s championship ring has been appraised at a staggering $17,000. This valuation highlights the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail invested in creating a piece of such significance. Moe Diamonds, who has been working with the Donalds for years, is confident that this iconic piece may ignite a trend among champion WAGs in the future. He believes that other wives and girlfriends of professional athletes will now seek their own personalized championship rings, recognizing their contribution and dedication to their partners’ success.

A New Era for WAGs

The tradition of celebrating championships through rings has predominantly focused on the players themselves. However, the introduction of Erica Donald’s Super Bowl championship ring marks a potential shift in the way these significant victories are commemorated. By acknowledging the integral roles played by wives and girlfriends, this emerging trend empowers and rewards the women who often provide unwavering support and sacrifice behind the scenes.

Erica Donald’s Super Bowl championship ring signifies a new era in sports jewelry. It introduces an inclusive trend where wives and girlfriends of professional athletes can celebrate their partners’ victories with personalized rings. The striking design, meaningful symbolism, and high value of Erica’s ring have caught the attention of fans and jewelry enthusiasts alike. As this trend gains traction, it not only represents a fashion statement but also a recognition of the vital contributions of WAGs to the success of their athlete partners.


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