Aaron Rodgers Loses Bet and Sports Auburn Gear Despite Cal Loss

Aaron Rodgers Loses Bet and Sports Auburn Gear Despite Cal Loss

Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the New York Jets, suffered a double blow over the weekend. Not only did his former college team, the California Golden Bears, lose to Auburn with a score of 14-10, but it seems that Rodgers also had a wager riding on the game with his teammate, C.J. Uzomah. This loss meant that Rodgers had to don a significant amount of Auburn gear at the Jets’ locker room the following day.

Rodgers, who played for the Golden Bears from 2003 to 2004, must have been particularly invested in this game due to his ties to Cal. Meanwhile, Uzomah, who played for Auburn from 2011 to 2014, likely felt confident in his alma mater’s abilities. The video captured by Uzomah, where Rodgers is seen wearing an Auburn cap and a War Eagle shirt, reveals his victory over Rodgers in their friendly bet.

Not Willing to Surrender to the Rivalry

In the clip, Uzomah playfully proclaims, “Aaron, you love it. Say, ‘War Eagle.’ Just one time.” However, Rodgers, clearly displeased with the outcome, refuses to comply and instead shakes his head while giving his tight end a thumbs down. Despite his loss, Rodgers remains defiant and unwilling to embrace the Auburn spirit.

Auburn’s Amusement and Victory

Auburn University found great amusement in Rodgers’ unexpected fashion statement. In fact, the university reposted Uzomah’s video on its Instagram page, adding the caption: “The newest fan of Auburn Football 🤣. Sorry @aaronrodgers12, looks like @cj_uzomah won this one 👀.” Clearly, Auburn revels in their victory over Rodgers and gladly showcases their newest unexpected fan.

While it is clear that Rodgers and Uzomah have a college rivalry, they must set their differences aside quickly. Their focus now shifts to their upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. This will also mark Rodgers’ debut as a member of the Jets. Both players will need to unite as teammates and put their friendly bets and college allegiances behind them as they strive for success on the field.

Aaron Rodgers suffered a crushing loss when his beloved Cal Golden Bears fell to Auburn. Not only did this loss sting for Rodgers, but it also resulted in him having to honor a bet with his teammate C.J. Uzomah by wearing Auburn gear. Despite his clear displeasure, Rodgers refused to surrender to the Auburn rivalry. Auburn University, meanwhile, took great pleasure in their unexpected victory and even shared Uzomah’s video on their Instagram page. As Rodgers and Uzomah prepare for their upcoming game with the Jets, they must set their differences aside and focus on working together as teammates.


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