Abby Lee Miller Criticizes Britney Spears’ Dance Videos

Abby Lee Miller Criticizes Britney Spears’ Dance Videos

Abby Lee Miller, known for her role in the reality show “Dance Moms,” recently expressed her disappointment with Britney Spears’ dance videos. Miller, in an interview with the Daily Mail, claimed that Spears used to be a “great, confident and well-taught” dancer. She praised Spears’ previous performances, comparing her to the likes of Jennifer Lopez and commending her for her athleticism and skill. However, Miller believes that Spears’ talent has significantly declined, and she now finds herself cringing while watching her dance videos.

Miller believes that the main reason for Britney Spears’ supposed downfall in dance is her lack of practice. She argues that Spears has been away from her dance teacher for too long, implying that she hasn’t consistently honed her skills. According to Miller, dance is an art form that constantly evolves, and dancers must stay updated with the latest trends to remain relevant. It seems that Miller attributes Spears’ decline in talent to her detachment from regular practice and not keeping up with the ever-changing dance industry.

In addition to the lack of practice, Miller criticizes Spears’ fashion choices, specifically her affinity for low-rise pants. She believes that low-rise pants make Spears’ body appear longer and her legs shorter, negatively affecting her overall appearance as a dancer. Miller advises Spears to pull her pants up to create the illusion of longer legs, emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper body proportions during performances.

Abby Lee Miller faces significant backlash whenever she openly shares her opinions on Britney Spears’ dance videos. She reveals that she has received criticism and hatred from fans of Spears, with some even describing her as “psycho” for daring to criticize the pop star. One incident occurred in March 2021 when Miller advised Spears to “close her ribcage” after the singer posted a video of herself dancing in her living room. Fans came to Spears’ defense, arguing that she should be allowed to express herself, especially considering her conservatorship situation at the time.

Miller’s outspoken nature doesn’t just end with criticizing Britney Spears. She also took the opportunity to critique Taylor Swift’s dancing abilities on her podcast, “Leave it on the Dance Floor.” Miller labeled the Grammy-winning artist as “pigeon-toed” and indicated that it might be too late for Swift to improve her skills since she spent most of her time with a guitar rather than focusing on dancing. Miller did, however, acknowledge that Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, was a talented dancer.

Just like with her comments about Britney Spears, Abby Lee Miller faced backlash for her remarks about Taylor Swift. People accused her of jealousy and bashing others to gain attention. Some even brought up Miller’s own history, referencing her time in prison. Despite the criticism, there were also those who defended Swift, highlighting her ability to connect with audiences through her music, regardless of her dance skills.

Abby Lee Miller’s critiques of Britney Spears’ dance videos and Taylor Swift’s dancing abilities have sparked controversy and backlash. While Miller believes their talents have diminished or were not adequately developed, fans of both artists view her criticism as unnecessary and negative. It appears that Miller’s outspoken nature and self-proclaimed expertise in dance have landed her in hot water with fans who staunchly support their favorite pop stars. However, it is essential to remember that dance, like any art form, is subjective, and individual styles and preferences vary.


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