Actress Liz Fletcher expresses interest in joining Strictly Come Dancing

Actress Liz Fletcher expresses interest in joining Strictly Come Dancing

TV star Liz Fletcher has openly revealed her desire to participate in the hit show Strictly Come Dancing. The actress, known for her appearance in Emmerdale, expressed her interest during an interview with TV wine expert Amelia Singer on her podcast, Ameliarate Through Wine. Despite admitting that she would be “sick with nerves” if given the opportunity, Liz expressed her curiosity about the process and her eagerness to push herself to see what she is capable of. She mentioned how she witnessed her husband, Kelvin Fletcher, conquer the show and how the experience seemed incredibly nerve-wracking yet rewarding. Liz acknowledged the difficulty of filling Kelvin’s shoes, especially considering his outstanding debut performance with the Samba.

Kelvin Fletcher, who won the Strictly Come Dancing glitter ball in 2019, expressed full support for Liz’s ambitions. He assured her that he would be there to guide her through the process, offering to teach her the intricate dance moves. The couple, who have been married for eight years, share four children together. Kelvin recalled his own experience on the show and even admitted to unintentionally using some of his fancy footwork when chasing sheep on their 120-acre Peak District farm.

Kelvin and Liz currently star in the hit ITV series Fletchers’ Family Farm, documenting their lives on the farm. They discussed the impact this outdoor lifestyle has had on Liz’s fashion choices, revealing her newfound love for country fashion. Liz expressed her surprise at the existence of such a distinct style and mentioned feeling completely at home in wellies, a tweed coat, and a hat. The couple seemed to embrace the wholesome and rustic vibes that come with farm life.

During the podcast interview, the conversation drifted towards the possibility of Kelvin and Liz producing their own wine on their farm. Both expressed enthusiasm for the idea, with Kelvin calling it “amazing.” Liz even joked that making wine might prove to be easier than taking care of animals, hinting at the challenges they face on their farm. It is yet to be seen whether this venture will materialize, but their interest in winemaking adds another dimension to their already dynamic lives.

Kelvin and Liz’s relationship began when they met at school, but they didn’t become a couple until later in life. They sealed their love with a romantic candlelit ceremony in November 2015, covered exclusively by HELLO! magazine. During the podcast interview, Kelvin revealed a touching wedding gift he gave Liz the night before their big day. He had kept the business card of the restaurant where they had their first date for over a decade and presented it to Liz with a heartfelt message written on the back. Despite their contrasting romantic tendencies, Kelvin and Liz have built a long-lasting, happy marriage, and their strong bond is evident in their shared endeavors and support for each other’s dreams.

Liz Fletcher’s desire to join Strictly Come Dancing reflects her aspiration to challenge herself and explore new territories. With the unwavering support of her husband Kelvin and their shared experiences, the couple continues to embark on exciting ventures, including their farm life and potential winemaking. Their enduring love and commitment to each other serve as a testament to the strength of their relationship. Whether Liz ultimately graces the Strictly dance floor or not, it is clear that she and Kelvin will continue supporting each other’s dreams, making their mark on the world both individually and as a couple.


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