An Outrageous Incident: Fish Thrown from Rooftop Causes Chaos at Sag Harbor Restaurant

An Outrageous Incident: Fish Thrown from Rooftop Causes Chaos at Sag Harbor Restaurant

In a shocking turn of events, a group of teenagers decided to add an unexpected twist to their evening at the fancy Le Bilboquet restaurant in Sag Harbor. Witnesses have reported that a 20-pound striped bass was thrown from the roof, causing chaos among the well-heeled diners below. The fish crashed onto a table, sending glasses and plates flying in every direction. The incident resulted in injuries and required medical attention, creating a scene of mayhem and confusion.

The restaurant, known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere, was quick to respond to the unfortunate incident. The affected tables were promptly comped as a gesture of goodwill, while the staff turned up the volume on the music, attempting to steer the attention away from the chaos that had just unfolded. Medics were called to attend to a woman who had been cut and was bleeding, and law enforcement authorities arrived on the scene to investigate the matter further.

The Culprits at Large

Although no arrests have been made thus far, employees at the restaurant claim to have some leads regarding the identities of the young individuals responsible for this peculiar act. The authorities have not provided any specific details about the ongoing investigation. However, it appears that the restaurant’s staff is actively cooperating to bring those involved to justice.

This peculiar incident is not the first to occur at Le Bilboquet. Just a few weeks prior, a brawl broke out between two middle-aged men at the same establishment. Witnesses described a heated exchange that escalated into physical violence, with punches thrown and one individual’s wife even hurling a glass that shattered upon impact. Consequently, the brawlers were swiftly ejected from the premises.

Le Bilboquet, which shares its ownership between billionaire Ron Perelman and investor Steve Witkoff, has gained a reputation as an exclusive hotspot popular among the A-list crowd. It is not uncommon to spot VIPs such as Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, renowned designer Donna Karan, best-selling author Candace Bushnell, as well as notable socialites like Anne Hearst and Petra Khashoggi among its clientele. The restaurant’s Manhattan location has been particularly famous for its high-society Saturday brunch parties, where the elite come to see and be seen.

A Delicate Balance

The incident involving the thrown fish highlights the challenges that establishments like Le Bilboquet face in maintaining an appealing and engaging atmosphere while ensuring the safety and comfort of their customers. Such incidents not only disrupt the dining experience but also endanger the well-being of the patrons, as evidenced by the injuries sustained in this case. It is crucial for restaurants to find a balance between creating a vibrant ambiance and implementing measures to prevent unruly behavior that can quickly spiral out of control.

The spectacle caused by the teenagers throwing a fish off the rooftop of Le Bilboquet restaurant in Sag Harbor serves as a reminder that even the most upscale establishments are not immune to unusual incidents. The aftermath resulted in injuries, an investigation, and the need for improved security measures. As this incident reverberates throughout the community and the restaurant industry, it underscores the importance of maintaining a safe and enjoyable dining environment for all patrons.


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