An Unforgettable Birthday Tribute to Lady Amelia Windsor by Her Loving Sister

An Unforgettable Birthday Tribute to Lady Amelia Windsor by Her Loving Sister

Lady Amelia Windsor, cousin to Princes William and Harry, celebrated her 28th birthday with a heartwarming tribute from her older sister, Lady Marina Windsor. The sisters, who are both active on social media, have always had a close relationship, and Marina took to Instagram to showcase their special bond. In a collage of six photos, Marina captured different moments throughout the years, highlighting the love they share as sisters.

Traditionally a private family, the Windsor siblings rarely share personal photos on social media. However, Marina has occasionally delighted royal fans by providing glimpses into their lives. In May, she shared a rare photo featuring her and their parents, the Earl and Countess of St Andrews.

While it remains unknown if Amelia spent her birthday with her family, she did give a small sneak peek into her celebrations. She shared a photo of herself at the luxury hotel, 1 Hotel Mayfair, where she enjoyed a delicious birthday lunch. Her cheeky caption, “Birthday tomato,” playfully referenced her vibrant orange cardigan.

The collage posted by Marina not only showcased Amelia’s individual style but also highlighted their shared experiences. One of the photos depicted the sisters during their childhood on a holiday, their matching hairstyles emphasizing their close bond. Another snapshot captured a recent getaway to Cornwall, where the sisters appeared relaxed and happy in each other’s company.

Marina has occasionally given fans a glimpse into their extended family as well. Last October, she shared a photo celebrating her cousin Flora Vesterberg’s birthday. Flora, the granddaughter of Princess Alexandra, added another layer of royal connection to the picture.

The heartfelt birthday tribute from Marina to Amelia on Instagram expressed the deep love between the sisters. Marina’s message, “Happiest of Birthdays to my incredible sis. Love you squillions,” accompanied the collage, giving a glimpse into the affectionate bond they share.

Lady Amelia Windsor’s 28th birthday was commemorated in a touching and unique way by her sister, Lady Marina Windsor. Despite their private family background, Marina’s Instagram post allowed fans a rare glimpse into their lives and showcased the sisterly love that exists between them. From childhood memories to recent adventures, the collage of photos captured the essence of their special bond. The birthday celebration may have been low-key, but the tribute from Marina served as a reminder of the love and warmth within their family.


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