Breaking the Silence: Lala Kent Addresses Rumors of Feud with Ariana Madix

Breaking the Silence: Lala Kent Addresses Rumors of Feud with Ariana Madix

Contrary to recent speculation and rumors, Lala Kent and Ariana Madix are still going strong as friends. During an exclusive interview with Page Six at BravoCon 2023, Kent put an end to any doubts about their relationship. The co-host of the popular podcast “Give Them Lala” reassured fans that she and Madix are on good terms, dispelling any notion of a falling out.

Clearing the Air

While participating in the “Vanderpump Rules” panel at the highly-anticipated annual convention, Kent took the opportunity to address a particular incident that had caused some controversy. She urged fans to stop booing Madix’s ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, who had infamously cheated on her with their co-star, Raquel Leviss. When asked about her decision to shut down the negative audience response, Kent explained, “I was over it.” She further elaborated that time had passed since the explosive scandal involving Sandoval had erupted in March, emphasizing her unwavering loyalty to Ariana Madix.

Lala Kent, known for her candid opinions, clarified her stance on the matter, stating, “I love Ariana dearly. I will always be loyal to her, but when I’m watching something in front of me, I feel like I’m pretty logical and I’ve got to call it like I see it.” Kent highlighted that her logical approach doesn’t mean she won’t support and defend her friend fervently.

Unraveling the Controversy

The reality show “Vanderpump Rules” has had its fair share of dramatic moments, and this particular incident involving Kent embracing Sandoval during the filming of Season 11 became a point of contention among viewers. Adding to the intrigue were Kent’s previous public statements where she referred to Sandoval as a “sociopath.” Fans took to social media to express their confusion and questioned her apparent change of heart. One fan wondered, “Wait… WHAT. After allllllll the shii Lala posted and talked foreverrrrr?” Others echoed similar sentiments, expressing their surprise at Kent’s behavior toward Sandoval.

A New Perspective

It is worth noting that Sandoval was exposed for his affair with Leviss while still in a relationship with Madix. Lala Kent had a lot to say during the Season 10 reunion, drawing comparisons between Sandoval and her ex-partner, Randall Emmett. She likened the two men, labeling Sandoval as a “narcissist” and even went as far as comparing him to cult leader Charles Manson, asserting that they both “preyed on women” who were “lost.”

Addressing her previous statements and actions, Kent provided insight into her thought process, shedding light on why she may have acted differently now. She shared on her podcast, “They hung on every word of his because they didn’t know any different… like she [Leviss] said, ‘I finally felt heard and seen,’ so I’m thinking that that’s kind of the equivalent.”

Lala Kent’s recent declaration extinguishes all rumors of a rift between her and Ariana Madix. Despite the controversial incident, Kent’s logical perspective and continued loyalty to her friend demonstrate the strength of their bond. As the cast of “Vanderpump Rules” continues to captivate audiences, their ever-evolving relationships provide a constant source of intrigue and speculation.


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