Celebrity Dermatologist’s Divorce Causes Stir in the Hamptons

Celebrity Dermatologist’s Divorce Causes Stir in the Hamptons

The Hamptons social scene is abuzz with the recent divorce of Dr. Howard Sobel, a renowned celebrity dermatologist known as the “King of Lipo.” After an explosive report published by Page Six, Dr. Sobel has come under scrutiny in the East End community. Some sources claim to have seen him chatting with women at a Northwell Health Katz Institute for Women’s Health event in Water Mill. Witness reports suggest that he is now considered the “hot new bachelor on the Hamptons scene.” However, these rumors have been refuted by Dr. Sobel himself, who maintains that he was simply offering advice to a woman in need and not flirting with anyone.

Dr. Sobel’s divorce from his ex-wife, Brittney, has been far from amicable. Court papers filed by Brittney accused her ex-husband of being an “abusive and controlling husband.” The divorce case, which was filed in May after six years of marriage, has been marred by allegations and legal battles. Brittney claims that Dr. Sobel is attempting to delay child support payments of $25,000 per month for their daughter, who allegedly has “gross motor skill delays” and “hypersensitivity.” These claims have been vehemently denied by Dr. Sobel, who argues that he is unable to pay such a high amount and that their daughter has no special needs.

In addition to the child support issues, the divorce proceedings have brought to light a series of serious allegations. Brittney accuses Dr. Sobel of attempting to have her arrested twice on false allegations of harassment and of planting surveillance cameras in their home. Dr. Sobel, on the other hand, alleges that Brittney has attempted to extort more than $9.5 million from him. Both parties firmly stand by their claims, creating a highly contentious legal battle.

Despite the ongoing divorce drama, Dr. Sobel attended the Northwell Health Katz Institute for Women’s Health event in Water Mill. Sources note that he was “all dressed up” for the occasion and appeared to be in good spirits. At the event, which featured a performance by Paula Abdul, Dr. Sobel mingled with guests such as Rosanna Scotto, Norman and Mia Rowe, Fern Mallis, Eric Moran, and Lieba Nesis. Despite his presence being a topic of conversation, Dr. Sobel insists that he was simply enjoying the evening and catching up with acquaintances.

Both Dr. Sobel and Brittney have expressed their desire for an amicable resolution to their divorce. They hope to settle their differences outside of the courtroom and prioritize the well-being of their children. Dr. Sobel emphasizes that a prolonged battle in court would not be in the best interest of either spouse or their children. As the divorce proceedings continue, the fate of the child support order and the division of assets hang in the balance.

The divorce of celebrity dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel has captivated the attention of the Hamptons social scene. Rumors of his newfound single status and alleged flirtatious behavior have circulated, yet Dr. Sobel maintains his innocence. The contentious divorce proceedings and serious allegations from both parties have heightened the drama surrounding the case. Despite the challenges they face, Dr. Sobel and Brittney aim to resolve their differences as amicably as possible for the sake of their children. Only time will tell how this high-profile divorce unfolds and what the outcome will be for Dr. Sobel, Brittney, and their family.


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