Charles Spencer Opens Up About the Toll on His Family After The Crown Depicted Princess Diana’s Final Weeks

Charles Spencer Opens Up About the Toll on His Family After The Crown Depicted Princess Diana’s Final Weeks

Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, recently spoke out about the toll that The Crown has taken on his family. The popular Netflix drama depicts the final weeks of his late sister, Princess Diana, before her tragic death in 1997. During an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House, Charles criticized the BBC for attempting to withhold emails regarding Martin Bashir’s controversial interview with Princess Diana. Although he admitted to not watching The Crown himself, Charles acknowledged the toll it has had on his family and emphasized the fictional nature of the series.

The Earl of Spencer expressed his belief that the public now realizes how speculative the storylines of The Crown truly are, compared to a few years ago. He stated that people are aware that the series is based on loosely factual events, but ultimately, it is a work of fiction. Charles acknowledged that this portrayal has been exhausting for his family and has always been a part of their lives, but he considers it a matter of principle. He believes it is crucial for the BBC to be held accountable by responsible and senior figures instead of hiding behind the protection of their careers.

In 2021, Charles revealed that he had turned down requests from The Crown’s producers to film at his ancestral home, Althorp House. While speaking on BBC Breakfast, he made it clear that he is not interested in participating in such productions. The Earl expressed his concern that viewers might forget that The Crown is a work of fiction and mistakenly perceive it as historical fact. He shared that foreigners, especially Americans, have approached him as though they have gained a history lesson from the show, which he finds both challenging and frustrating. Charles emphasized that while The Crown may incorporate factual elements, there is a significant amount of conjecture and invention woven throughout the series.

The first four episodes of the sixth season of The Crown focus on the eight weeks leading up to the tragic deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in a car crash in Paris in August 1997. The second part of the season, set to be released on December 14th, will introduce the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton. To gain further insights into The Crown, including behind-the-scenes details, casting director Robert Sterne was interviewed on HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast.

In 2021, an independent inquiry uncovered that the BBC concealed “deceitful behavior” employed by journalist Martin Bashir to secure his shocking interview with Princess Diana in 1995. This revelation further highlights the complexity surrounding the portrayal of historical events and individuals in the media.

By critically examining the original article and distilling the key information, we can understand the impact that The Crown has had on Charles Spencer and his family. It serves as a reminder that while historical dramas may captivate audiences, they should be consumed with the awareness that they are works of fiction, often embellished for dramatic effect. The responsibility lies not only with the creators but also with the viewers to distinguish between fact and fiction, ensuring a deeper understanding of history and the individuals involved.


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