Colorado Bar Faces Backlash on Yelp After Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Controversial Night Out

Colorado Bar Faces Backlash on Yelp After Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Controversial Night Out

A Colorado bar is facing a wave of negative reviews on Yelp after Rep. Lauren Boebert’s recent night out with a man who happens to be the owner of Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen. The controversy surrounding their outing has sparked public outrage, resulting in widespread criticism of the establishment online.

Yelpers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the owner, Quinn Gallagher, alleging his disruptive and disrespectful behavior in public places. This critique stems from a recent incident caught on camera where Gallagher and Boebert were seen engaging in inappropriate behavior during a performance of “Beetlejuice” the musical.

Unfavorable Ratings Reflect Personal Choices

One reviewer stated that the bar “sucks” unless one admires an owner who dates Boebert and causes a commotion at a theater play. Another reviewer expressed strong disapproval of the owner’s relationship, highlighting Boebert’s controversial support of the insurrection against America. These critical statements demonstrate how personal choices can impact public perception and affect a business’s reputation.

Review Disabling Demonstrates Negative Impact

The negative comments on Yelp have become so rampant that the platform has had to temporarily disable reviews, a common step taken in response to an influx of review-bombing. The backlash did not stop at Yelp, as Hooch’s Facebook page also faced an influx of negative energy, prompting the bar to disable comments on their Instagram account as well.

Political Differences Influence Relationship Decisions

During an interview in Washington, D.C., Boebert revealed that while Gallagher is a great person, their differing political views have led to the decision not to pursue a second date. This disparity in ideologies might explain their conflicting stances on various issues, such as Boebert’s previous criticism of drag performers.

Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar had previously hosted a drag performance as part of the city’s annual Pride Week in January. However, Boebert’s public opposition to drag performers suggests that future collaborations involving such events may be unlikely.

The controversy surrounding Rep. Lauren Boebert’s night out at Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar has had a significant impact on the establishment’s reputation. Negative reviews flooding Yelp, disabled comments on social media accounts, and the disabling of reviews on Yelp demonstrate the scale of the backlash. Personal choices, disruptive behavior, and political differences have all contributed to the public’s disapproval. As a result, Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar may need to evaluate its approach to future events and consider the potential consequences of controversial associations.


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