Comedian Connor Wood’s Rise to Fame and Celeb Interactions: A Life-Changing Experience

Comedian Connor Wood’s Rise to Fame and Celeb Interactions: A Life-Changing Experience

Comedian and TikTok star Connor Wood recently found himself in a whirlwind of emotion after his phone was bombarded with messages. He initially feared that someone in his family had passed away, only to discover that Dua Lipa had shared one of his tweets on Instagram. The “Dance The Night” songstress included Wood’s tweet in a photo dump she posted, which led to an overwhelming response from fans and followers. Wood, speaking exclusively to Page Six, recalled waking up to the barrage of messages and the temporary panic it caused. He humorously remarked, “I was like phew, no, you’re just on Dua Lipa’s Instagram! That was all time.”

Humor and Manifestation

Wood, who gained fame on TikTok in 2020 under the username @fibulaa and has since garnered almost 800,000 followers, playfully shared that he had actually “manifested” the interaction with Dua Lipa. In one of his tweets, he expressed his desire to be included in one of the pop star’s photo dumps. Little did he know that his wish would come true. Wood even jokingly suggested that meeting Dua Lipa would grant him superpowers akin to Spiderman. While unsure of the specific powers he would acquire, he admitted that the experience felt life-changing and left him “acting different.”

Wood’s online encounter with Dua Lipa was just one among a series of interactions with celebrities since his rise to fame in the comedy world. He may have missed out on a party invitation from Reneé Rapp due to his inability to attend, but he couldn’t help but express his admiration for her. The “Brooke & Connor Make a Podcast” co-host also revealed his friendships with “Outer Banks” co-stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline, as well as Alexandra Daddario. He marveled at the surreal nature of these relationships, stating that being in the presence of such prominent figures felt anything but normal.

Wood further shared that “Summer House” star turned comedian Hannah Berner recently reached out to him, highlighting their similar paths from viral social media clips to selling out theaters. This connection exemplifies the camaraderie and support within the entertainment industry. Wood himself is set to embark on his own venture into stand-up comedy with his first-ever comedy tour titled “Fibs & Friends.” The tour will take him to 11 cities across the United States, offering fans a chance to experience his unique brand of humor. Additionally, Wood’s closest friends and other renowned comedians will join him on stage, delving into topics such as life, love, and of course, comedy.

Expressing his excitement for the upcoming tour, Wood conveyed his gratitude and enthusiasm for the opportunity to meet fans personally and share laughter with them. The prospect of touring had always been a dream of his, and now it was becoming a reality. Wood’s initial 11-city tour, with more locations yet to be announced, will take him to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Phoenix, Chicago, Nashville, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Denver. Audiences can anticipate an unforgettable experience as Wood and his funny friends bring their infectious energy to each city.

Connor Wood’s rise to fame has presented him with incredible opportunities and unexpected encounters with renowned personalities. From the overwhelming response to being featured on Dua Lipa’s Instagram to forming friendships with various celebrities, Wood’s journey has been nothing short of life-changing. As he embarks on his comedy tour, fans can look forward to experiencing the comedic genius that catapulted him to stardom. Wood’s ability to find humor in everyday life and connect with audiences on a personal level is undoubtedly the key to his continued success in the entertainment industry.


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