Critical Analysis: Kim Kardashian’s Custom Alexander Wang Bag for North West

Critical Analysis: Kim Kardashian’s Custom Alexander Wang Bag for North West

Kim Kardashian, the popular reality TV star and entrepreneur, recently shared an Instagram Story highlighting a hilarious custom gift her daughter, North West, received. It was a one-of-a-kind Alexander Wang bag featuring Kim’s viral crying face meme stitched onto the side. The crystal mesh handbag caught everyone’s attention and sparked a lot of amusement. The self-proclaimed “momager” expressed her desire to “steal” the bag, showcasing her fondness for the unique design. This gift not only showcases the close bond between Kim and North but also highlights the creativity and humor in their lives.

The inspiration behind the custom bag comes from a 2012 episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The episode captured a vulnerable moment for Kim when she was emotional over her then-failing 72-day marriage with Kris Humphries. This moment became a meme, spreading like wildfire across the internet and solidifying Kim Kardashian’s status as a pop culture icon. By embracing her viral meme, Kim has shown her ability to laugh at herself and turn a potentially embarrassing moment into a fashion statement.

Renowned fashion designer Alexander Wang, known for his edgy and unique designs, orchestrated the creation of this custom bag for North West. It is not the first time Wang has collaborated with the Kardashian family, as he previously gifted North a bespoke leather dress when she was born. The bag itself is a crystal mesh heirloom pouch, exuding both elegance and playfulness. Although similar bags without Kim’s face are available, the personalized touch adds an extra layer of exclusivity and humor.

As Christmas approaches, Kim Kardashian has been sharing glimpses of her extravagant holiday preparations on social media. However, her festive decorations have faced some backlash. In one of her Instagram Stories, she showcased a hallway filled with frosted Christmas trees, which some fans criticized as being “ugly” and “hilariously tacky.” Despite the negative comments, Kim paid no attention to the criticism and continued to showcase her lavish backyard, transformed into a winter wonderland with snow-covered pine trees and plants.

Amidst the opulence, Kim Kardashian introduced a minimalistic touch to her Christmas celebrations. She emphasized reusable gift wrap, using her own Skims fabric to wrap presents. This sustainable approach not only adds a unique element to the gift-giving process but also aligns with Kim’s commitment to environmental responsibility. By reusing the fabric in her own creations for her family, Kim demonstrates her thoughtfulness and reduces waste during the holiday season.

Kim Kardashian’s custom Alexander Wang bag for North West is a testament to the deep connection between mother and daughter, as well as an embodiment of Kim’s ability to embrace her own viral moments. The collaboration with Alexander Wang adds a touch of exclusivity and creativity to the gift. Additionally, Kim’s lavish Christmas decorations and sustainable gift-wrapping approach showcase her commitment to both extravagance and environmental responsibility. Ultimately, this unique bag and Kim’s Christmas celebrations provide insight into her personal style, sense of humor, and dedication to family.


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