Debunking the Stereotypes: Reese Witherspoon’s Son Lives a Regular College Life

Debunking the Stereotypes: Reese Witherspoon’s Son Lives a Regular College Life

Reese Witherspoon’s son, Deacon Phillippe, recently gave fans a sneak peek into his apartment in New York City’s West Village. Known for his spontaneous apartment tours around the city, TikToker Caleb Simpson stopped Deacon on the street, capturing the attention of curious viewers who were eager to see how the son of Hollywood celebrities lives as a college student at New York University.

On Tuesday, the TikTok video was posted, showcasing Deacon’s two-story apartment. As Simpson entered, his immediate reaction was an enthusiastic “this is sick!” The spacious living room with high ceilings featured a spiral staircase in the middle, which Deacon humorously pointed out could be a bit hazardous after a night out, as one might easily hit their head. Nevertheless, the exposed brick interior gave the place character.

Deacon, who is also a musician, showed off his “vinyl wall” displaying a vast collection of records stacked against the brick wall. The apartment also featured a keyboard positioned beside his bed, showcasing his passion for music. Though he hinted at his ability to sing and play the keyboard, Deacon shared that he mostly creates music using his computer. This insight into his personal space revealed a glimpse of his creative side.

Despite the lavishness of Deacon’s apartment, there were still elements that resembled a typical college living experience. The bathroom was small, and interestingly, Deacon had two roommates. This sparked some viewers’ admiration, as they commended him for having roommates and gaining valuable life experiences as a result.

Unfortunately, Deacon faced unjust criticism from online trolls who dubbed him a “nepo baby,” using the term to describe someone born into privilege due to their famous and wealthy parents. Commenters were quick to point out Deacon’s parents’ Hollywood status, accusing him of intentionally avoiding mentioning his privileged background. Some even insinuated that he could afford the entire apartment if he wanted to. However, it is worth noting that every person is entitled to create their own path and live life on their terms, irrespective of their family’s wealth or success.

Despite the negative comments, many viewers were impressed with Deacon’s down-to-earth attitude and his choice to have roommates despite his family’s financial capabilities. Their admiration for his relaxed demeanor emphasized that Deacon is just a regular young person, enjoying his college life and pursuing his passion for music.

Deacon Phillippe’s apartment tour offers a unique glimpse into the life of a college student who happens to be the son of Hollywood celebrities. By debunking stereotypes and showcasing elements of a typical college experience, it becomes clear that Deacon is navigating his own path and should not be judged solely based on his parents’ wealth and fame.


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