Disappointing News: Kensington Palace’s Christmas Ice Skating Rink Postponed

Disappointing News: Kensington Palace’s Christmas Ice Skating Rink Postponed

Princess Anne’s son, Peter Phillips, was met with disappointment when the much-anticipated Christmas ice skating rink near Kensington Palace was shelved. The organizers, Tamarisk, expressed concerns about the escalating tensions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, which led to the decision to postpone the event. Originally scheduled to take place from November to January, the winter spectacle at Perks Field will now be deferred to the following year. The event organizers have assured those who had pre-ordered tickets that they will receive refunds.

The joint statement issued by co-founders Robert Derry and the late Queen’s grandson emphasized their unwavering commitment to safety. They stated, “In developing the plans for ICE at Kensington Palace, our primary concern has always been the safety and enjoyment of our visitors. Given the heightened tension and uncertainty in the area, we’ve decided to postpone this year’s event. Public safety remains our foremost priority.” Tamarisk also expressed gratitude to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, as well as their partners, local businesses, and the community for their support.

Despite the setback, the organizers remain optimistic and look forward to making a comeback in 2024. They promised to deliver a magical and festive experience that everyone can enjoy. The location of the event near Kensington Palace, the official residence of Prince William and Kate, influenced their decision to prioritize sustainability. Peter Phillips, in an exclusive interview with HELLO!, revealed that they were inspired by his uncle, King Charles, and wanted to align with his core values. They embraced initiatives like the Terra Carta and the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) to create an event that upholds sustainability.

Renting out spaces to generate revenue has been a practice at Buckingham Palace for over a decade. In the past, the palace has hosted various events, including design festivals and fashion shows. When seeking permissions for the ice skating rink, they assured the council members that necessary measures would be in place to ensure the safety of both the Royal family members and diplomats residing nearby. The approved security protocol included a protective fence, standing at least three meters high.

Interestingly, during the previous Christmas season, Prince William, Kate, and their three children chose to spend their holidays at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Castle. This decision deviated from their usual tradition of celebrating Christmas at Kensington Palace. The proximity of the ice skating rink to the Israeli embassy and the residence of the Russian ambassador had generated a buzz of excitement, making it an ideal choice for a joyful winter experience.

The organizers’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond the conceptualization of the event. They ensure that every aspect, including suppliers, food providers, and partners, adheres to a robust sustainability ethos. Their goal is to enhance the environmental viability of winter events and promote responsible practices. This approach aligns with the broader efforts of Prince Charles and his environmental initiatives.

While the postponement of the Christmas ice skating rink is undoubtedly disappointing for many, it is crucial to prioritize safety and address the concerns surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict. Tamarisk’s decision to defer the event demonstrates their dedication to the well-being of their visitors and the community. As they expressed their gratitude and optimism for the future, they assured everyone that the event would return in 2024, ensuring a grand and magical experience for all to enjoy at Kensington Palace.


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