Drake’s Dad Discusses Silence on Israel-Gaza Conflict and Drake’s Hiatus from Music

Drake’s Dad Discusses Silence on Israel-Gaza Conflict and Drake’s Hiatus from Music

In the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, many have turned to celebrities to speak out and raise awareness about the situation. However, Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, believes that it may not be in his son’s best interest to publicly comment on the violence. He argues that any commentary from Drake would be subject to scrutiny and backlash, which could potentially harm his reputation and career.

Dennis Graham recently spoke to reporters at LAX and revealed that he had not discussed the Israel-Gaza conflict with Drake, despite the fact that Drake himself is Jewish. This lack of public commentary from Drake has become a topic of discussion on social media, with some calling out the rapper and other celebrities for their silence. DJ Vlad, in particular, has been vocal about his disappointment in Drake and DJ Khaled, who is Palestinian, for not using their influence to address the crisis.

Dennis Graham’s perspective on Drake’s silence stems from his belief that celebrities, especially those with massive platforms, often face severe backlash when they publicly address controversial issues. He feels that this would be no different for Drake, and as a concerned father, he wants to protect his son from unnecessary criticism.

Despite the absence of public commentary, Dennis Graham remains supportive of Drake’s work. He proudly sported “For All the Dogs” merchandise from head to toe, showing his allegiance to his son’s music. Additionally, when asked about Drake’s recent hiatus from music due to stomach issues, Dennis reiterated what Drake had previously stated. He assured reporters that the health issue was minor and not a major cause for concern.

The conversation with Dennis Graham also touched upon Drake’s co-parenting routine and his relationship with his son, Adonis, and Adonis’ mother. Although Dennis did not delve into specifics, he mentioned that as the father of a globally famous musician, he is aware of what is happening in Drake’s personal life to some extent. However, he also emphasized the importance of minding his own business.

Drake’s dad’s perspective sheds light on the challenges faced by celebrities in speaking out about politically sensitive issues. While some may criticize Drake for his silence on the Israel-Gaza conflict, Dennis Graham believes that protecting his son from potential backlash outweighs the need to make a public statement. Regardless, Dennis remains supportive of Drake’s artistic endeavors and assures fans that his son will be back to making music soon.


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