Emily Ratajkowski: New York’s Trendsetter in Dog-Walking Fashion

Emily Ratajkowski: New York’s Trendsetter in Dog-Walking Fashion

Emily Ratajkowski, the renowned supermodel and actress, has not only influenced the fashion industry with her striking red carpet looks but has also redefined dog-walking fashion in New York City. Since adopting her loyal companion, Colombo, in 2019, Ratajkowski has turned heads with her dog-walking ensembles that seamlessly blend functionality and style. Unlike most locals who opt for casual attire during dog walks, Ratajkowski has embraced the opportunity to showcase her fashion-forward outfits. In this article, we delve into the practicality and fashion sense displayed in some of her most eye-catching dog-walking looks.

One of Ratajkowski’s standout dog-walking outfits features a sheer dress paired with nondescript sneakers. Fashion expert Cindy Conroy describes this look as “fun” and highlights the contrast between the delicate dress and casual footwear. The dress exudes a sense of ethereal beauty, while the sneakers provide comfort and functionality for long walks. Ratajkowski’s choice to accessorize with drop earrings adds a touch of glamour to the ensemble. Although the sheer overlay of the dress may raise concerns about practicality, dog-walkers Dani Pedraza and Maren Lavelle from The Big City Woof Walker assure us that Ratajkowski is keeping cool while still maintaining coverage with appropriate undergarments. Additionally, Ratajkowski’s sunglasses serve a dual purpose: protecting her eyes from the sun’s rays and completing her chic aesthetic.

In another notable dog-walking look, Ratajkowski stuns in a combination of cut-off shorts and cowboy boots. This ensemble effortlessly merges a laid-back vibe with a touch of Western-inspired fashion. By pairing the comfortable and practical cut-off shorts with stylish cowboy boots, Ratajkowski elevates her outfit to a new level. Despite the potential limitations of walking in cowboy boots, Ratajkowski’s choice demonstrates her commitment to fashion and her ability to navigate the city streets with ease. This dog-walking outfit perfectly captures the essence of New York City’s fashion scene, where individuals express their unique style in every aspect of their lives, including caring for their furry companions.

Emily Ratajkowski’s distinctive dog-walking fashion choices have undoubtedly made a lasting impression on the streets of New York City. By effortlessly combining style and practicality, Ratajkowski has shown that dog walks can be an opportunity to express one’s individuality and embrace personal fashion preferences. Fashion-forward individuals, inspired by Ratajkowski’s fearless approach to dog-walking attire, are encouraged to experiment with their own outfits and find ways to infuse their unique personalities into everyday activities.

In a city as diverse and fashion-conscious as New York, dog-walking fashion continues to evolve beyond conventional norms. Emily Ratajkowski’s influence extends beyond just the runway; she has ushered in a new era of creativity and self-expression even in seemingly mundane activities. So, the next time you walk your four-legged friend, take a page out of EmRata’s book and dare to revolutionize dog-walking fashion in your own inimitable style.


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