Expanding Sona: Salon at Sona Premieres After Priyanka Chopra’s Departure

Expanding Sona: Salon at Sona Premieres After Priyanka Chopra’s Departure

The popular NYC eatery Sona is undergoing a transformation after Priyanka Chopra, the former business partner, decided to exit the project earlier this year. Maneesh Goyal, Chopra’s former partner, recently premiered the Salon at Sona, a new addition to the restaurant. In a festive event called “Tea & Tinsel,” Goyal celebrated the opening of the Salon with actor Waris Ahluwalia and other notable guests.

The Salon at Sona

The Salon at Sona, a tea and cocktail lounge, is a fresh concept that Goyal has introduced to the front of the hotspot. This addition aims to enhance the overall dining experience for patrons. The premiere event, “Tea & Tinsel,” served as an opportunity for Goyal to showcase the new space and its offerings. Waris Ahluwalia, known for his House of Waris Botanicals tea line, co-hosted the soirée, adding his own touch to the event.

A Festive Affair

“Tea & Tinsel” attracted a lively crowd, including socialites such as Marjorie “DJ Mad Marj” Gubelmann, Jill Kargman, Amit Dishon, and reality TV star Jessel Taank from “The Real Housewives of New York City.” Guests were treated to champagne and a variety of lite Indian bites from the Salon’s menu, including samosa pinwheels, aloo paneer, and crab puri caviar.

In addition to the delectable bites, the event featured cocktails from Goyal’s other downtown establishment, Temple Bar. Furthermore, Waris Ahluwalia’s tea expertise was showcased through a selection of libations infused with his botanical teas. The combination of unique flavors and innovative blends added an extra layer of sophistication to the celebration.

The premiere of the Salon at Sona marked one of the restaurant’s first significant events since Chopra’s unexpected departure. After two years of partnership, Priyanka Chopra expressed her gratitude towards the venture, stating that bringing Sona to life had been a significant moment in her career. Her representative emphasized Chopra’s commitment to promoting Indian culture through various mediums, including film, TV, and cuisine.

Despite the departure of one of its key partners, Maneesh Goyal successfully launched the Salon at Sona, a tea and cocktail lounge that promises to elevate the dining experience. The collaboration with Waris Ahluwalia brought a unique touch to the event, with his renowned House of Waris Botanicals tea line. With the recent premiere marking a fresh start for Sona, patrons can expect an exciting culinary journey in the heart of NYC.


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