Ginuwine Denies Justin Timberlake’s “Blaccent” Claims: “I Don’t Remember That Happening”

Ginuwine Denies Justin Timberlake’s “Blaccent” Claims: “I Don’t Remember That Happening”

Ginuwine has finally spoken out regarding the viral claim made in Britney Spears’ memoir, where she alleged that her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake used a “blaccent” when they first met. In an interview with People magazine, the R&B singer, born Elgin Lumpkin, stated that he had heard about the claim but does not recall it happening.

Ginuwine, now 53 years old, revealed that if Timberlake had indeed used a “blaccent” in his presence, he would have questioned him about it. He stated, “I probably would’ve looked at him like, ‘Why are you acting like that?’ If he did that, that would be something that I would remember. That would’ve definitely stuck out. So nah, I don’t remember that happening.”

The claim gained widespread attention after the release of Britney Spears’ memoir, titled “The Woman In Me,” in October. The excerpt, narrated by Michelle Williams, described *NSYNC, the boy band Timberlake was a part of, as “white boys” who “loved hip-hop” and “hung out with black artists.” Spears stated that this separated them from other boy bands like the Backstreet Boys, adding that she sometimes felt they were trying too hard to fit in.

Spears recounted a specific incident in her memoir where she and Timberlake were walking through an unfamiliar area of New York. They encountered a man with a large, flashy medallion surrounded by security guards. Timberlake allegedly exclaimed, “Oh yeah! Fo shiz, fo shiz, Ginuwine! What’s up, homie?” After the encounter, Spears’ assistant impersonated Timberlake, and according to Spears, he was not at all embarrassed.

Britney Spears’ memoir also contained other controversial allegations, including accusations of infidelity and urging her to get an abortion during their relationship. While Timberlake has not publicly addressed the memoir, reports suggest that he is not pleased with its contents.

Ginuwine’s response to the “blaccent” claim serves as a reminder of the significance of addressing such allegations. While he denies any recollection of Timberlake using a “blaccent,” his stance highlights the importance of confronting and clarifying such matters, especially when they involve cultural appropriation or insensitivity.

As the conversation around Timberlake’s alleged “blaccent” continues, it is crucial for individuals involved to engage in open dialogue and educate themselves about the impact of cultural appropriation. Acknowledging and learning from past mistakes can lead to growth and understanding, fostering a more inclusive and respectful society.


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