Investigation Launched into Spain Soccer Boss for Unsolicited Kiss on Player

Investigation Launched into Spain Soccer Boss for Unsolicited Kiss on Player

The Spanish soccer boss, Luis Rubiales, is currently under investigation by FIFA for his actions after Spain’s World Cup victory. FIFA announced on Thursday that the Disciplinary Committee is launching proceedings against Rubiales based on the events that occurred during the final. The international governing body believes that Rubiales may have violated rules related to offensive behavior and fair play due to an unwanted kiss he planted on midfielder Jenni Hermoso following Spain’s 1-0 win against England in the World Cup Final held on August 20.

Rubiales has faced significant backlash for his behavior after the match. Photographs show him carrying a player over his shoulder and grabbing his crotch. Initially, Rubiales was defiant, but he later apologized, admitting his mistake and expressing remorse. He explained that his actions were in the heat of the moment and were not intended to cause harm. Rubiales emphasized the need for him, as the president of an important soccer institution, to be more cautious during ceremonies and similar events.

While Rubiales’ apology may have been sincere, it was deemed insufficient and inadequate by many, including Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Sanchez criticized Rubiales’ actions and expressed disappointment in the apology. The union representing Jenni Hermoso, FUTPRO, also spoke out, stating that such acts should not go unpunished.

FIFA has reiterated its commitment to respecting the integrity of all individuals and condemned any behavior that goes against this principle. The investigation into Rubiales is ongoing, and FIFA has not yet disclosed the potential consequences he may face. However, there are growing calls for Rubiales’ resignation or termination before the disciplinary committee concludes its work. The Royal Spanish Football Federation has scheduled a meeting for Friday to discuss the controversy.

FIFA’s decision to investigate Rubiales sends a clear message about the importance of fair play and respect within the sport. It serves as a reminder that even those in positions of power must adhere to the principles they are entrusted to uphold. Soccer, like any other sport, should be a space free from inappropriate behavior or actions that compromise the integrity of the game.

This incident involving Rubiales highlights the need for continuous education and awareness within the soccer community. As the president of a prominent soccer federation, Rubiales should serve as a role model for the sport’s values and conduct. This incident serves as a learning opportunity for Rubiales and others in leadership positions to be more mindful of their actions and the potential consequences they may have.

Regardless of the outcome of FIFA’s investigation, the incident has sparked an important conversation about accountability. Both Rubiales and the entire soccer community should reflect on their roles in maintaining a positive and respectful environment. A strong ethical foundation is crucial for the growth and development of the sport, and everyone involved must take responsibility for upholding these values.

As FIFA concludes its investigation, it is crucial to remember that the actions of one individual should not overshadow the achievements of the Spanish national team. The focus should remain on celebrating the team’s success in the World Cup and using this incident as an opportunity for growth and improvement within the soccer community. Clear guidelines and protocols can be put in place to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future, ensuring that the sport remains a symbol of unity and fair play.


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