Jeremy Allen White Spotted with Estranged Wife Addison Timlin After Kissing Model Ashley Moore

Jeremy Allen White Spotted with Estranged Wife Addison Timlin After Kissing Model Ashley Moore

Jeremy Allen White, known for his role in the TV series “Shameless,” was recently seen spending time with his estranged wife, Addison Timlin, nearly a week after being spotted kissing model Ashley Moore. In exclusive photos obtained by Page Six, the couple was caught together at their oldest daughter’s soccer game in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

White, 32, and Timlin, also 32, were seen walking hand in hand to the grassy field, each carrying one of their two daughters – 4-year-old Ezer and 2-year-old Dolores. They set up a blanket, seeking shade under a tree to escape the hot sun. The couple was photographed chatting and enjoying quality time together. White even played with his youngest daughter and practiced some soccer skills.

Despite filing for divorce in May after three years of marriage, White and Timlin shared an unexpected embrace during the soccer game. It seems their family bond perseveres even amidst their separation.

White opted for a casual look for the sporting event, wearing blue jeans, a dark gray T-shirt, a light gray baseball cap, and a pair of white sneakers. Timlin donned a white T-shirt, black pants, white sneakers, and a baseball cap. Their eldest daughter, Ezer, proudly wore a red jersey with the number 20, while her younger sister rocked a plaid dress and sandals.

This family reunion comes just a week after White was photographed passionately kissing model Ashley Moore during an outing in Los Angeles. The pair were seen locking lips and showing affection as they walked down the sidewalk. It remains unclear if White and Moore are officially dating, as their representatives have not commented on the matter.

According to an insider source, White and Moore “aren’t putting any labels on their relationship, but they’re hooking up as often as they can and are totally smitten.” Whether this new connection played a role in White’s reunion with Timlin is uncertain.

Despite the separation, White and Timlin seem to have a smooth co-parenting dynamic. Last month, they were spotted hugging, touching, and chatting while attending another one of their daughter’s soccer games. Although the reason for Timlin’s decision to end the marriage is unknown, it is evident that the exes prioritize their children’s happiness.

Jeremy Allen White’s recent outing with his estranged wife, Addison Timlin, raises questions about their relationship status. Despite filing for divorce, the couple appears to be rekindling their connection through family activities. Additionally, White’s involvement with model Ashley Moore adds a layer of complexity to the situation. Only time will tell how these relationships will evolve and what lies ahead for this unconventional family dynamic.


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