Jerry O’Connell Criticizes John Stamos’ Memoir

Jerry O’Connell Criticizes John Stamos’ Memoir

Jerry O’Connell is not holding back when it comes to expressing his displeasure with John Stamos’ memoir. In a recent interview with TMZ, the television host shared his opinion on the stories involving his wife, Rebecca Romijn, that were included in Stamos’ book titled “If You Would Have Told Me.” O’Connell finds these stories to be “a little scary” and sarcastically remarks that people have to make a living somehow.

O’Connell’s Criticism

Jerry O’Connell doesn’t shy away from criticizing John Stamos for not giving Rebecca Romijn any prior warning about the mention of her in his memoir. O’Connell takes issue with the accusation of infidelity made against Romijn by Stamos, describing it as a sinking feeling that eventually turns into an expected yet uniquely horrible truth. He emphasizes that if he ever wrote a tell-all about their relationship, he would have the decency to prepare Romijn for any mention of her.

John Stamos, during the promotion of his book, expressed his contempt for Romijn during their divorce and described her as a “devil.” Stamos admitted feeling emasculated during their marriage due to Romijn’s successful career overshadowing his own. He acknowledged that he loved her and recognized her talent, but his focus on her achievements caused him to neglect his own. Stamos further theorized that Romijn had outgrown him.

After meeting backstage at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 1994, Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos tied the knot in 1998. However, their relationship eventually crumbled, leading to their divorce in 2004. The split occurred nearly a decade after the end of “Full House,” which had been a significant career milestone for Stamos. Meanwhile, Romijn’s career continued to soar, with numerous projects coming her way.

Rebecca Romijn has chosen not to comment on Stamos’ memoir out of respect for her 14-year-old twin daughters, Charlie and Dolly, whom she shares with Jerry O’Connell. An exclusive source revealed to Page Six that Romijn’s silence stems from her desire to deny Stamos any more attention or help in selling his books. O’Connell, on the other hand, made it clear in November that he has not read Stamos’ memoir and has no intention of doing so. He jokingly mentioned that after hearing Stamos’ interview on “The Howard Stern Show,” any curiosity he had about the book vanished.

Life After the Divorce

Following the divorce, Rebecca Romijn found happiness once again and tied the knot with Jerry O’Connell in 2007. Meanwhile, John Stamos married model Caitlin McHugh in February 2018, and the couple welcomed their son, Billy, just two months later.

Jerry O’Connell’s criticism of John Stamos’ memoir sheds light on his dissatisfaction with the stories involving his wife, Rebecca Romijn. O’Connell believes that Stamos should have given Romijn a heads up about the content in his book. The ongoing tension between them serves as a reminder that even celebrities experience difficulties in their relationships, and sometimes those troubles spill over into the public eye. Ultimately, Romijn’s decision to remain silent and O’Connell’s refusal to engage with Stamos’ memoir demonstrate their commitment to moving forward and prioritizing their own happiness.


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