Joe Smith Denies OnlyFans Feud as Publicity Stunt

Joe Smith Denies OnlyFans Feud as Publicity Stunt

Joe Smith, the former #1 overall NBA draft pick, has come forward to address the skeptics who claim that his public feud with wife Kisha over OnlyFans was nothing more than a publicity stunt. In an exclusive interview with VladTV, Smith vehemently denied these allegations and shed light on the true nature of their situation.

During the interview, the 48-year-old athlete revealed how he stumbled upon Kisha’s return to X-rated content. According to Smith, it was not a premeditated act or an attempt to garner attention. He recalled the moment he caught his wife scrolling through her OnlyFans profile on her phone, a discovery that would ultimately lead to the infamous video that circulated on social media.

Smith expressed his deep hurt and sense of betrayal, as Kisha had not only recorded the incident but also chose to share it with the world. The public embarrassment escalated the pain, making it impossible for the couple to resolve the issue privately. “I wouldn’t put my business out in the streets…unless it was real official,” Smith explained. “I didn’t do this one, so it’s hurting. It’s hurtful, and I gotta listen to people’s opinions every day, all day right now about my relationship, and that’s something I never wanted to be involved in.”

While Joe Smith shared his side of the story, his wife Kisha Chavis presented a slightly different viewpoint during her appearance on “TMZ Live.” The couple seems to have contrasting perspectives on the matter, leaving their marriage in a state of uncertainty. Joe admitted that he has been staying in a hotel since the incident came to light and has not even spoken to his wife since then.

The public scrutiny and constant judgment have taken a significant toll on Joe Smith. The basketball star expressed his frustration in being dragged into the spotlight for personal matters that should ideally remain private. His intention was never to seek attention or create controversy, and he finds himself torn between the pain of the situation and the continuous influx of unsolicited opinions.

As for the future of their relationship, Joe Smith remains unsure of what lies ahead. The fallout from the OnlyFans incident has left their marriage hanging in the balance, with no immediate resolution in sight. It is a difficult situation that they both must navigate, and while opinions may run rampant, only the couple themselves can determine the course their relationship takes.

Joe Smith adamantly denies any claims that the OnlyFans feud with his wife was orchestrated for publicity. This heartfelt revelation sheds light on the emotional distress Smith has experienced and highlights the challenges that come with being thrust into the public eye. As the couple grapples with the aftermath of this incident, only time will tell if they can weather the storm and find a way to heal their relationship.


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