Joy Behar Reportedly Refuses to Appear on “The View” with “Jersey Shore” Cast

Joy Behar Reportedly Refuses to Appear on “The View” with “Jersey Shore” Cast

In a recent turn of events, Joy Behar allegedly chose not to participate in a segment featuring the cast of “Jersey Shore” on “The View.” This decision stems from Behar’s longstanding issues with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. According to Polizzi’s makeup artist and co-host of the “It’s Happening” podcast, Joey Camasta, Behar was avoiding the segment and hiding throughout. This avoidance seems to be a result of awkward encounters between Behar and the cast in their previous appearances on the show. It appears that tensions remain high between Behar and Polizzi, as Polizzi recently called Behar the “rudest celebrity” she has encountered in her 14 years of fame.

During the segment, only Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Sara Haines were present to interview the “Jersey Shore” cast. According to Camasta, Behar, who was standing “off to the side,” made the conscious choice to not be part of the interview. Whether it was due to the tension or other reasons, Behar did not want to be involved. Representatives for “The View” and Behar have yet to respond to these claims.

While Camasta asserts that Behar opted out of the segment because of the tension, a production source provides a different explanation. According to this source, it was a production decision to have only three of the five co-hosts present in the segment. This decision was made to make space for the seven cast members and ensure that everyone had an opportunity to contribute to the conversation. The source refutes Camasta’s comments, claiming there is no truth to them.

The feud between Behar and Polizzi is not new. Back in 2010, Behar told a member of the “Jersey Shore” cast during an episode of “The View” that they were “not even Italian.” Behar has also referred to the cast as “stupid” and insinuated that people were laughing at them, rather than with them. These comments sparked a viral video from Polizzi in 2011, where she mocked Behar for her negative statements and claimed that Behar’s earlier bullying mirrored her own high school experiences. In response, Behar initially found the parody funny but tensions still seem to remain.

Following the release of the video, Polizzi expressed regret and apologized to Behar during an appearance on the “Wendy Williams Show.” Behar, in turn, accepted the apology and even stated that she found the parody to be humorous. However, this recent refusal to appear with the “Jersey Shore” cast suggests that the tension between Behar and Polizzi has not entirely dissipated.

The ongoing feud between Joy Behar and Nicole Polizzi continues to be a source of tension. Behar’s decision to not participate in the “Jersey Shore” segment on “The View” supports claims of a strained relationship between the two. While previous apologies have been made, the recent turn of events suggests that there is still work to be done in bridging the gap between Behar and Polizzi. Only time will reveal if these two will find common ground and overcome their differences.


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