Judge Mathis Applauds California’s New Ebony Alert for Missing Black Children and Women

Judge Mathis Applauds California’s New Ebony Alert for Missing Black Children and Women

California’s recent implementation of the Ebony Alert, a system designed to report and locate missing Black children and women, has received widespread praise. Among those applauding this development is Judge Mathis, who believes it is long overdue and commends Governor Gavin Newsom for taking action. Located in Beverly Hills, we had the opportunity to speak with the TV magistrate, who expressed his support for the new alert system.

Judge Mathis emphasizes that missing Black girls have historically been the most underserved group of individuals in terms of finding and safeguarding them. For this reason, he believes that the Ebony Alert will play a vital role in rectifying this inequality. While the announcement of the Ebony Alert raised some concerns earlier this week, with critics arguing that it perpetuates segregation due to its distinct separation from the longstanding Amber Alert system, Judge Mathis firmly disagrees.

Judge Mathis argues that society does not operate on an equal playing field for all individuals. Until there is true equality, he believes special programs like the Ebony Alert are essential for marginalized groups. These programs address the specific needs and challenges that disproportionately affect certain communities. By acknowledging these disparities, the Ebony Alert strives to bridge the gaps and provide a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to addressing missing individuals.

California State Senator Steven Bradford, the author behind the bill implementing the Ebony Alert, has previously highlighted the necessity of such a system. Sen. Bradford has argued that law enforcement does not consistently prioritize missing Black individuals, leading to a lack of resources dedicated to finding them. Judge Mathis agrees wholeheartedly, further reinforcing the significance of the Ebony Alert in addressing this issue. Governor Newsom’s support and activation of the alert system are seen by Judge Mathis as a home run for the state.

The recent enactment of the Ebony Alert system in California has been met with enthusiasm and praise from prominent figures such as Judge Mathis. The alert aims to address the long-standing problem of missing Black children and women, who have historically been underserved and often overlooked. Judge Mathis firmly supports the Ebony Alert, arguing that special programs like this are crucial until society achieves true equality. By recognizing and dedicating resources to the specific needs of marginalized groups, such as missing Black individuals, the Ebony Alert represents an essential step forward in creating a more inclusive and just society. With the backing of Governor Newsom and the efforts of individuals like Judge Mathis, California’s Ebony Alert is poised to make a real difference in the lives of missing Black children and women.


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