Keke Palmer Shows Off Tattoo of Baby Daddy’s Birthdate in Birthday Celebration

Keke Palmer Shows Off Tattoo of Baby Daddy’s Birthdate in Birthday Celebration

Keke Palmer, known for her roles in “Nope” and “Akeelah and the Bee,” turned 30 recently and celebrated her special day in a unique and eye-catching way. Palmer took to Instagram to share a picture of herself in a thong, revealing a tattoo of her baby daddy, Darius Jackson’s birthdate just below her right butt cheek. This comes after the couple’s public drama a couple of months ago. Let’s delve into the details of this story and how things seem to have turned around for Palmer and Jackson.

In July, Jackson took to Twitter to publicly criticize Palmer for her outfit choice at Usher’s concert in Las Vegas. He expressed his disapproval of her attire, deeming it “inappropriate” for a mother. Palmer remained silent in response to Jackson’s public shaming, but her fans swiftly came to her defense, pointing out the absurdity of his comments. The online confrontation escalated when Jackson doubled down on his stance, stating his beliefs about family representation and his own standards.

Despite the fiery exchange on social media, Palmer and Jackson have seemingly moved past their differences. The couple was spotted together again for Palmer’s birthday celebration. To commemorate the occasion, Palmer shared an Instagram Live video, giving us a glimpse into their day out. In the video, they can be seen joking with each other, enjoying food and drinks. Jackson even referred to Palmer as his “partner in crime.” Palmer expressed her gratitude towards Jackson for making her birthday special, indicating a reconciled relationship.

Throughout this entire ordeal, it appears that Palmer has found subtle ways to address the drama without directly acknowledging it. In Usher’s music video for “Boyfriend,” in which Palmer starred, she delivers a powerful line towards the end: “I am a mother after all,” followed by a wink to the camera. This can be interpreted as a clap back at Jackson’s criticism, asserting her independence and personal choices as a mother. Interestingly, Usher, who was central to the couple’s disagreement, also took the opportunity to wish Palmer a happy birthday in the comments section of her Instagram post, indicating that he holds no grudges.

Palmer’s bold move to showcase a tattoo of Jackson’s birthdate underlines the newfound harmony between the couple. Displaying such an intimate and personal symbol in a public manner suggests that they have worked through their differences and rekindled their relationship. It is evident that Palmer wanted to emphasize the significance of Jackson’s presence in her life, especially in light of their shared son, Leodis.

Keke Palmer’s 30th birthday celebration not only marked a milestone in her life but also symbolized a fresh start with her baby daddy, Darius Jackson. Their public drama on social media seems to have been left behind as they enjoyed a day filled with laughter and love. Palmer’s choice to reveal a tattoo of Jackson’s birthdate indicates a renewed commitment to their relationship. While their journey may have had its ups and downs, this couple has shown resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles. As Palmer continues to thrive in her career, it is clear that she values the importance of family and the strength that comes from making amends.


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