Kim Zolciak and Chet Hanks’ Exchanged Flirtation on “The Surreal Life”

Kim Zolciak and Chet Hanks’ Exchanged Flirtation on “The Surreal Life”

Reality television star Kim Zolciak’s divorce from Kroy Biermann did not deter her from having a good time while filming her latest reality show, “The Surreal Life.” During production in Colombia, Zolciak was seen getting close and flirty with none other than Chet Hanks, son of Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. The chemistry between the two was palpable, leading many to speculate if there was more to their connection than just a reality TV show.

According to sources close to the show, Zolciak and Hanks hit it off and were seen acting flirty with each other while cameras were rolling in Medellín. The two reality stars spent two weeks together, and it seemed like there might have been something more than just a casual friendship. While it is unclear if they exchanged contact information before the show ended, there undoubtedly seemed to be sparks flying between them.

Zolciak’s appearance on “The Surreal Life” is part of her latest venture in the reality television world. Joining the cast for the show’s eighth season, Zolciak is in the company of other notable personalities such as Johnny Weir, Josie Canseco, Ally Brooke, and many more. This new project comes amidst her ongoing divorce proceedings with Biermann, showing Zolciak’s determination to continue pursuing her career despite personal challenges.

While Zolciak seemed to be enjoying her time on “The Surreal Life,” controversy soon followed her return home. Shortly after production wrapped, Zolciak called 911 on Biermann, alleging that he had snatched her cell phones. This incident adds to the already tumultuous divorce proceedings and hints at a strained relationship between the former couple.

It remains to be seen if Zolciak and Hanks are keeping in touch after the show. While their on-screen chemistry was evident, it is unclear if their connection extends beyond the confines of reality television. However, their brief flirty interactions on “The Surreal Life” have undoubtedly added an interesting dynamic to the show and left viewers wondering about the potential for a blossoming romance.

Kim Zolciak’s appearance on “The Surreal Life” has provided fans with a newfound excitement and intrigue surrounding her personal life. Despite going through a divorce, Zolciak’s willingness to engage with others, such as Chet Hanks, demonstrates her resilience and determination to move forward. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Zolciak and Hanks, but their flirtatious exchange on the show has undoubtedly left a lasting impression.


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