Kylie Jenner Accused of Copying Kanye West with Designs in Clothing Line

Kylie Jenner Accused of Copying Kanye West with Designs in Clothing Line

Kylie Jenner, the influential makeup mogul, recently faced accusations of copying Kanye West’s designs in her clothing line, Khy. The controversy arose when Jenner announced the release of the second collection of her brand on Instagram, featuring puffer jackets and base layers suitable for cold weather. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed a striking similarity between Jenner’s designs and West’s 2021 Yeezy GAP design, particularly the “Round Jacket.” The accusations quickly spread across social media, with fans questioning the originality of Jenner’s creations.

In the promo photo shared by Jenner, she posed provocatively wearing sheer blue tights and draped a cream puffer jacket over her shoulder. Fans wasted no time in comparing these designs to West’s Yeezy GAP collection. One fan commented, “Ahh looks just like something Kanye would design!” Another user playfully asked, “Y’all stealing Kanye’s designs now??” The resemblance between the two collections was undeniable, and it did not go unnoticed by the astute followers of both Jenner and West. Even one Instagram user pointed out “the Yeezy influence” in Jenner’s designs.

Fans’ observations gained more weight when it was revealed that Jenner had collaborated with Entire Studios, a clothing brand owned by Sebastian Hunt and Dylan Richards Diaz, for the latest drop of Khy. Both designers have previously worked with West, assisting him with styling his Season 3 collection in 2016. Jenner also had a previous association with Hunt and Diaz, who designed her Halloween 2022 costume as the “Bride of Frankenstein.” These connections with West’s associates raised suspicions that the resemblance between the designs may not be coincidental.

This incident of alleged copying is not the first time Jenner has faced fashion plagiarism accusations for her new line. In a previous incident, designer Betsy Johnson, who had also collaborated with Yeezy, accused Jenner of utilizing her designs without proper credit. Johnson claimed to have emailed Jenner and her team six months prior, sharing her concepts, language, and a line sheet. However, Jenner failed to acknowledge or give credit to Johnson’s contributions, leading to Johnson expressing her disappointment on Instagram.

Future Collaborations with Emerging Brands

Although the accusations of copying have put Jenner in a challenging position, sources familiar with the situation revealed that she plans to collaborate with more up-and-coming designers and emerging brands for future clothing drops. This move may be an attempt to steer clear of further accusations of plagiarism and establish a more original identity for her brand. Whether these collaborations will help Jenner regain her credibility in the fashion world remains to be seen.

Kylie Jenner finds herself at the center of a copying controversy, with fans accusing her of emulating Kanye West’s designs in her clothing line, Khy. The resemblances between Jenner’s collection and West’s Yeezy GAP designs are striking, raising questions about the originality of Jenner’s creations. With accusations of fashion plagiarism swirling around her, Jenner faces a significant challenge in reclaiming her reputation in the industry. Perhaps her future collaborations with emerging brands will provide her with the opportunity to establish a unique identity for Khy. Only time will tell how Jenner navigates this difficult situation and whether she can leave these accusations behind.


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