Lady Gabriella Kingston: Sharing Festivities and Spreading Magic through Music

Lady Gabriella Kingston: Sharing Festivities and Spreading Magic through Music

Lady Gabriella Kingston, better known as Ella Windsor, is not just a member of the royal family but also a talented voice artist. As the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, Ella has lent her voice to a new animated live-action film, The Adventures of Sleepy The Magical Bear: The Movie. This film, created by a cast and crew of 900 volunteers, is set to bring joy to audiences on Christmas Eve. In an exclusive interview with HELLO!, Ella opens up about her excitement for the film’s release, her festive family gatherings, and her deep admiration for the National Health Service (NHS).

A Magical Film for the Family

Ella Windsor expresses her anticipation in sharing the film with her younger family members during the Christmas season. She mentions her love for the magical animals in the movie, particularly Snorkel, the pink elephant. This heartwarming film is sure to captivate the imaginations of children and adults alike. Ella’s involvement in the project as Brambles the Badger allowed her to combine her passion for children’s stories, animals, and supporting vital causes.

As part of her family’s holiday traditions, Ella emphasizes the importance of spending time together and having festive gatherings. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, the Windsor family found ways to come together and celebrate. Ella’s excitement about these gatherings truly reflects the joyous spirit of the season and the bond shared among family members.

Ella Windsor joins a remarkable cast, including Richard Armitage, Ryan Gage, Sylvester McCoy, Rick Wakeman, Anna Popplewell, Ian Lavender, Eddie The Eagle, and Sophie Aldred. Working with such a talented team was an honor for Ella, who expressed her admiration for their voluntary involvement in the project. The film’s unique production process, involving mobile phones and green screens due to lockdown restrictions, showcases the dedication and creativity of the entire cast and crew.

The film serves as a fundraising initiative for NHS Charities Together, a cause that holds great significance for Ella Windsor. She expresses her deep admiration for the NHS and its dedicated workers who tirelessly served the nation, especially during the pandemic. Ella’s decision to lend her voice to this project was driven by her desire to support the NHS and contribute to a worthy cause.

Ella’s involvement in the film allowed her to showcase her musical talent. She reveals that the writer and director, DM Rivers, discovered her music and invited her to contribute a jazz song for a special scene in the film. This opportunity allowed Ella to share her passion for music and further explore collaborations in the future. Singing has always been a joy for Ella, as evidenced by her performance at her own wedding. Her love for music and her desire to support charitable causes continue to inspire her in her creative endeavors.

A Love for Music and Writing

For Ella, music has always played a significant role in her life. As a writer, she begins her musical journey with lyrics and then adds the main melody by ear. Collaborating with musicians to bring her songs to life has been a fulfilling experience for her. While she considers herself an amateur, Ella’s dedication to her music and her desire to raise awareness for important foundations have led her to release music and explore her passion further.

Lady Gabriella Kingston, also known as Ella Windsor, embraces the holiday season with enthusiasm and shares the joy of her new film with her family. Through her involvement in The Adventures of Sleepy The Magical Bear: The Movie, Ella combines her love for animals, children’s stories, and supporting charitable causes. Her commitment to raising funds for NHS Charities Together demonstrates her deep admiration for the NHS and its essential work. Ella’s musical talent and passion continue to drive her creative pursuits, and she hopes to embark on more music collaborations in the future. As a member of the royal family, Ella’s dedication to spreading joy and contributing to meaningful causes serves as an inspiration to us all.


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