Leah Pruett Steps Away from Racing to Start a Family: Tony Stewart Takes the Wheel

Leah Pruett Steps Away from Racing to Start a Family: Tony Stewart Takes the Wheel

Leah Pruett, a renowned 12-time NHRA National Event Champ in drag racing, recently delivered unexpected news to her fans. She announced that she will not be participating in the 2024 season due to her plans to start a family with her husband, Tony Stewart. This decision was undoubtedly a difficult one for Pruett, as she temporarily surrenders her dream job for the sake of her future family. However, she trusts that her capable and accomplished husband will take over driving duties in the Top Fuel dragster for the upcoming season.

Tony Stewart, owner of the Tony Stewart Racing team and a three-time NASCAR and IndyCar champion, expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to fill in for his wife on the race track. Acknowledging Leah’s sacrifice, Stewart considers himself honored to be the one taking her place while she focuses on starting their family. He admires her strength and determination in making such a challenging decision and continuing to compete in the current season, knowing their shared direction. Stewart fully supports Pruett’s choice and is eager to make his NHRA Top Fuel debut in Gainesville alongside a team of exceptional individuals.

Although Stewart has previously raced the Top Alcohol dragster, stepping into the Top Fuel dragster presents a new challenge. However, with the support and guidance of his wife and team, he remains confident in his abilities. Stewart admits that there is no definitive way to determine whether one is truly ready for such a transition. Instead, he believes that the best approach is to immerse oneself in the experience and learn by doing. Knowing that Leah is his best coach, he feels prepared to tackle this endeavor head-on.

Leah Pruett’s Return

While Tony Stewart takes the wheel in the 2024 season, Leah Pruett already has her sights set on a comeback in 2025. Pruett’s determination and passion for drag racing are evident as she plans to return to the sport after taking the necessary time to start a family. Her commitment to balancing both her personal and professional life showcases her unwavering dedication to her dreams.

The decision for Leah Pruett to step away from drag racing temporarily to begin a family is met with utmost respect and admiration. Her husband, Tony Stewart, is honored and excited to assume racing responsibilities for the upcoming season. Together, they have demonstrated that family and dreams can coexist, and their journey serves as an inspiration to all.


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