Madonna’s Boyfriend Faces Tough Challenges in Boxing Debut

Madonna’s Boyfriend Faces Tough Challenges in Boxing Debut

Madonna’s boyfriend, Josh Popper, has been eagerly preparing for his professional boxing debut. However, his journey to the ring has been far from smooth sailing. Despite his relationship with one of the most famous people on Earth, Popper’s transition to professional boxing has encountered numerous obstacles.

The presence of a global superstar like Madonna has only intensified the spotlight on Popper’s boxing journey. This heightened attention has magnified his debut, drawing more eyes and expectations from the public and media than the average amateur making the leap to professional boxing. The added pressure may not bode well for the aspiring boxer.

Before his scheduled professional fight, Popper suffered a setback in his final amateur bout. On November 5, at the Sweatbox gym in Brooklyn, he experienced defeat at the hands of Miguel Matias in a unanimous decision. This loss could have a significant impact on Popper’s confidence and readiness for the professional stage.

Despite the setback, plans proceeded for Popper’s professional debut at the Sony Hall in Times Square on December 16. It seems that many involved in the boxing industry were eager to capitalize on Madonna’s fame to boost ticket sales for the event. There were even discussions of Madonna attending the fight before her own show at Barclays Center on the same night.

Unfortunately, further complications have arisen for Popper. His application for a professional license hit a roadblock when a routine medical examination revealed he had a scratched cornea. As a result, his license was denied, and his professional debut was put on hold indefinitely. This unexpected turn of events presents yet another obstacle for Popper and casts doubt on his future in the sport.

Madonna’s boxer boyfriend, Josh Popper, faces an uphill battle in his pursuit of a successful professional boxing career. From the amplified attention brought about by his relationship with Madonna to recurring setbacks and a recent medical issue, Popper’s debut has become a tumultuous journey. Only time will tell if he can overcome these challenges and fulfill his boxing dreams.


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