Major Media Execs Clash at Polo Bar

Major Media Execs Clash at Polo Bar

Thursday night at the prestigious Polo Bar in New York City, former CNN president Jeff Zucker and anchor Don Lemon were among the guests celebrating the birthday of UTA vice chairman Jay Sures. However, the evening was not without its fair share of tension and awkwardness.

While Zucker and Lemon enjoyed their evening, former CNN CEO Chris Licht, who was recently fired, found himself dining across the room from them. Reports suggest that Licht was seen glancing over at their table but made no effort to approach and greet them.

Sources reveal that the restaurant staff intentionally seated Licht at a far-off table to prevent any uncomfortable encounters. It seems that they were aware of the strained relationships between Licht, Zucker, and Lemon, and took precautions to keep them separated. One source even claimed that Licht was relegated to a corner table, away from the main dining area, to maintain a safe distance.

Aside from the tensions, Jay Sures’ birthday celebration was attended by numerous well-wishers and prominent figures. First Lady Jill Biden, fashion designer Tamara Mellon, talent agent Mike Ovitz, singer Kelly Clarkson, and actress Rita Wilson were among those who stopped by to offer their birthday wishes. Also present were Allison Gollust, Zucker’s significant other and former colleague, Lemon’s fiancée Tim Malone, Sures’ wife Linda Nyvltova, NewsNation host Dan Abrams, and ABC News correspondent Rebecca Jarvis.

While enjoying their celebratory dinner, Licht found himself isolated on the opposite side of the dining room. Although some claimed that he was purposely seated away from the main group, another source disputes this, stating that Licht couldn’t even see their table. Regardless, it was clear that he was not a part of the jovial festivities.

A noteworthy guest at Polo Bar that night was First Lady Jill Biden, who was dining with her granddaughter. Biden had personal connections to both Sures and Lemon, as well as other individuals at their table. She took the opportunity to greet and wish Sures a happy birthday.

Among the topics discussed at Sures’ table was a passionate letter he had written as a member of the University of California’s Board of Regents. The letter was a response to the UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council, sparking heated discussion and debate among the guests.

The Polo Bar birthday celebration for Jay Sures became an event filled with underlying tension and awkwardness. The deliberate efforts to keep Chris Licht at a distance from Jeff Zucker and Don Lemon only highlighted the strained relationships within the media industry. Nonetheless, the night was not without its highlights, with the presence of high-profile guests like First Lady Jill Biden and engaging conversations revolving around Sures’ fiery letter.


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