Mark Zuckerberg Responds to Elon Musk’s Claims About Future Fight

Mark Zuckerberg Responds to Elon Musk’s Claims About Future Fight

Mark Zuckerberg has responded to the claims made by Elon Musk regarding their potential fight. Musk took to social media to announce that the fight details had been finalized, including the location and live-streaming plans. However, Zuckerberg clarified that no such agreement had been made, emphasizing that he still desires the involvement of Dana White in the process.

Zuckerberg addressed Musk’s claims on his social media app, stating that nothing Musk announced had been agreed upon. He also expressed his intentions of sharing details about his next fight when he is ready. The Facebook CEO emphasized his desire to create an event that shines a spotlight on elite athletes and top-tier organizations such as the UFC or ONE, indicating his preference for professional collaboration.

Despite the discrepancy in their plans, Zuckerberg made it known that he is still dedicated to his training. He shared a photo of himself training vigorously in his backyard Octagon, demonstrating his commitment to being prepared for the potential bout.

The conversation about a fight between Zuckerberg and Musk began in June when Musk suggested the idea following the announcement of Zuckerberg’s Threads project. However, it is evident that there is still a long way to go before any official arrangements are made.

While the discussion between the two billionaires continues, Musk disclosed that he will require minor shoulder surgery, which will put him on the sidelines for a few months. This setback implies that the fight will not occur anytime soon.

Mark Zuckerberg has refuted Elon Musk’s claims about their future fight. Despite Musk’s assertion that the particulars of the brawl have been finalized, Zuckerberg clarifies that no agreement has been made. Zuckerberg prefers to work with professional organizations such as the UFC or ONE to create a successful event that focuses on showcasing elite athletes. Both billionaires have expressed their dedication to the potential fight, with Zuckerberg showcasing his training efforts. However, with Musk’s upcoming shoulder surgery and the ongoing negotiations, it is clear that the fight is not imminent. Only time will tell if these two tech giants will step into the ring to settle their differences.


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