Mauricio Umansky Clarifies Separation from Kyle Richards

Mauricio Umansky Clarifies Separation from Kyle Richards

Mauricio Umansky, the star of “Buying Beverly Hills,” recently addressed the ongoing confusion surrounding his relationship with his estranged wife, Kyle Richards. In a statement to TMZ, Umansky emphasized that they are currently separated and not discussing divorce. This clarification comes after Umansky’s previous statement on a podcast led to speculation about the true nature of their relationship. Let’s delve deeper into this situation and understand the challenges they are facing as a couple.

Umansky acknowledges that both he and Kyle Richards are going through a difficult period. They are human beings with emotions and feelings. Although they have parted ways, they are handling their issues privately and internally. Divorce is not a subject they are currently considering. Umansky remains hopeful about their future, despite the challenges they have faced in the past year.

One particular rumor that Umansky addressed was the alleged infidelity between Richards and her friend, Morgan Wade. Umansky firmly states that there is no doubt in his mind that Richards did not cheat with Wade. They are close friends who are frequently seen together and even collaborate on various projects. Their relationship is strictly platonic, debunking the rumors that have been circulating.

Despite their separation, Umansky expresses that he and Richards will always love and care for each other. Their years together have created a strong bond that cannot easily be severed. They will continue to be friends and support each other through this challenging time. Their mutual love for their children further strengthens their commitment to maintaining a positive relationship.

Umansky recently joined the cast of “Dancing With the Stars” for its 32nd season. He describes the experience as therapeutic and credits it with helping him navigate his emotions during this difficult period. Dancing has allowed him to temporarily escape the stress and challenges he is facing. It has brought back a sense of joy and youthfulness, as if he were 15 years old again. Umansky appreciates the timing of this opportunity, as it has proven to be a beneficial distraction amidst his personal struggles.

As sources revealed earlier this year, Umansky and Richards had been living separate lives for quite some time, even while residing in the same household. However, their separation has been described as amicable, which speaks to their ability to maintain a respectful and harmonious dynamic despite the challenges they face as a couple.

Mauricio Umansky’s recent clarification about his separation from Kyle Richards sheds light on their current relationship status. While they are facing a difficult period in their lives, they are committed to handling their issues privately and remaining friends. Umansky’s participation in “Dancing With the Stars” has provided him with a therapeutic outlet, offering temporary reprieve from the stresses of their separation. Despite the challenges, their love for each other and their children remains a powerful force. Moving forward, their hope is to find a resolution that brings them both happiness and personal growth.


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