Mauricio Umansky Receives Support from Kyle Richards During “Dancing With the Stars”

Mauricio Umansky Receives Support from Kyle Richards During “Dancing With the Stars”

Kyle Richards, star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” showcased her unwavering support for her estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky, during the live premiere of “Dancing With the Stars.” As Umansky and his partner, Emma Slater, prepared to hit the dance floor for the first time, Richards could be seen in the audience. Her attire for the special occasion consisted of a long-sleeved burgundy button-down, paired with a black skirt, tights, and knee-high boots. Richards styled her hair straight and accessorized with gold accents. Accompanying her were their daughters, Farrah Aldjufrie, Alexia Umansky, and Sophia Umansky.

Richards’ presence at the taping exemplifies the amicable relationship she and Mauricio have maintained following their separation after 27 years of marriage. In an Amazon Live session, Richards expressed her excitement about watching her estranged husband compete for the Season 32 mirrorball trophy. She confidently stated, “I feel like he’s gonna do great,” highlighting her support for his participation in the competition. Mauricio, 53, reciprocated the positive sentiment, sharing his excitement for the experience.

The former couple announced their split in July amidst rumors of Richards’ alleged affair with country singer Morgan Wade. However, they released a joint statement confirming their deep love and respect for one another. They also dismissed any claims of wrongdoing on either party’s part. Richards has consistently maintained that she and Wade are simply good friends. Despite the breakup, the couple has continued to spend time together, even traveling to Europe with their daughters earlier in the summer. Nevertheless, Richards acknowledged that the situation has been challenging, especially with the added scrutiny of being in the public eye.

Both Richards and Mauricio have displayed a positive attitude during this difficult time. Richards reiterated her care and concern for her estranged husband, emphasizing their strong bond. Mauricio echoed these sentiments, stating that they are “hanging in there” and working through their issues day by day. He reassured the public that both he and Richards are happy.

“Dancing With the Stars” continues to captivate audiences as it airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC and Disney+. The show provides viewers with a window into Umansky’s journey and showcases his dancing skills. It highlights the support he receives from his family, particularly Richards, during this challenging time. As the competition progresses, audiences can expect to witness the dedication and determination of all the celebrity contestants.

Kyle Richards’ unwavering support for Mauricio Umansky during the live premiere of “Dancing With the Stars” is a testament to their amicable relationship following their separation. Despite the hardships they have faced throughout the year, both Richards and Mauricio have expressed care for one another. The public can witness their journey as they navigate the challenges of separation while supporting one another’s endeavors. As the show continues, viewers will undoubtedly witness Mauricio’s growth and progress on the dance floor, while also understanding the importance of family support during difficult times.


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