Meet the Press: Kristen Welker Grills Donald Trump on Election Results

Meet the Press: Kristen Welker Grills Donald Trump on Election Results

There is a new host on ‘Meet the Press,’ and on her first day of work, she managed to get Donald Trump to admit that he needed votes to win the 2020 elections, which is quite something. Kristen Welker is now at the helm after Chuck Todd resigned, and her first Sunday show featured a lengthy interview with the former president. In an interesting audio clip, she questions Trump about his refusal to accept the election results. Let’s take a look at this exchange:

Welker points out that Trump has repeatedly claimed he only needed a few thousand votes in each state to win, not to mention his calls to certain Secretaries of State in an attempt to pressure them to “find” votes, and he acknowledges that it is true. Welker then asks the obvious question: “When you say you needed a tenth of a point, did you need a tenth of a point to win?” Trump admits that he only needed a handful of votes. She presses further: “To win?” Trump responds, “Yes.” Welker then moves on to the next obvious fact here: “But Mr. President, you’re saying you needed more votes to win the election, are you acknowledging that you didn’t win?” This sends Trump into a frenzy of “Excuse me.” When she finally asks him if he is admitting defeat, he denies it, insisting that the election was rigged.

There are other interesting points in the interview, such as Welker’s question to Trump about whether he fears going to jail. He tells her that he doesn’t because apparently, he doesn’t even think about it. Now, it is worth noting that Welker and NBC are receiving some criticism for their decision to interview Trump and give him a “platform.” However, he is on his way to becoming the Republican candidate, and he remains of journalistic interest.

Critics may argue that giving Trump airtime legitimizes his claims, but it is essential to hold leaders accountable, especially when they make baseless allegations about election integrity. By challenging Trump’s assertions and asking tough questions, journalists like Welker play a crucial role in ensuring transparency and scrutinizing political figures.

Welker’s interview with Trump highlights the importance of journalists and their responsibility in providing accurate and impartial information to the public. The role of a journalist is not to promote a particular agenda but to seek the truth and hold power to account. Welker’s tough line of questioning demonstrates her commitment to these principles.

While some may criticize Welker for granting Trump a platform, it is crucial to remember that journalism should not shy away from challenging individuals in positions of power, regardless of their popularity or controversial nature. By engaging in rigorous interviews and delving into important issues, journalists help bring clarity to public discourse and contribute to a well-informed citizenry.

Kristen Welker’s debut as the host of ‘Meet the Press’ showcased her ability to ask tough questions and hold Donald Trump accountable for his claims. Her interview style serves as a reminder of the vital role journalists play in democracy, ensuring transparency and informing the public. While controversy may surround the decision to give Trump airtime, it is essential to uphold the principles of responsible journalism and continue to strive for truth and accountability in political discourse.


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