Myles Garrett Becomes Part Owner of the Cavaliers

Myles Garrett Becomes Part Owner of the Cavaliers

In a surprising move, Myles Garrett, the Cleveland Browns’ superstar defensive end, has become a part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The announcement was made on Wednesday, with the team also revealing that Garrett will serve as an ambassador for the organization. This partnership between two of Cleveland’s major sports teams is expected to bring significant benefits to both franchises.

Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavaliers, expressed his excitement about the new partnership, stating that Garrett has become a Cleveland icon both on and off the field. Gilbert commended Garrett’s commitment to the city and his willingness to be a transformative force for good in the region. He also mentioned that the addition of Garrett as a partner and investor will enable the Cavaliers to reach new communities and continue building a successful future.

This ownership stake in the Cavaliers is just one example of Myles Garrett’s growing portfolio of investments. Earlier this year, he also invested in a Major League Pickleball team, showcasing his desire to branch out and explore opportunities outside of football. This demonstrates Garrett’s forward-thinking approach to his financial future and his desire to diversify his interests.

A Cleveland Connection

Having played in Cleveland his entire career, Myles Garrett has developed a strong bond with the city. Not only has he been a dominant force on the football field, earning four Pro Bowl selections and two First-Team All-Pro honors, but he has also become involved with the Cavaliers during his time in northeast Ohio. Garrett’s camaraderie with the team was evident when he showcased his dunking skills alongside the Cavs players during the Summer League.

Expressing his admiration for the Cavaliers organization, Garrett spoke about the team’s hard work, tenacity, and dedication to the community. He described joining the franchise, under Dan Gilbert’s leadership, as a dream come true. This partnership allows Garrett to further contribute to the city he loves while also aligning himself with a purpose-filled franchise.

Future Implications

The timing of this announcement is noteworthy, as it coincides with the start of the Cavaliers’ 2023-24 season. As the team prepares to face the Brooklyn Nets, the hope is that Myles Garrett’s dominance and winning mentality will inspire the Cavaliers’ players, particularly Donovan Mitchell and his teammates, to elevate their performance on the court.

Myles Garrett’s new role as a part owner and ambassador of the Cleveland Cavaliers marks a significant development in his career and investment portfolio. This partnership between the Browns and the Cavaliers not only strengthens the bond between the two teams but also showcases Garrett’s commitment to the city of Cleveland. As Garrett continues to make an impact on and off the field, this venture into the world of basketball adds another dimension to his already impressive legacy. The future looks promising for both Myles Garrett and the Cavaliers, and fans can expect exciting developments both on and off the field.


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