New Dynamics in the Friendship: Dorit Kemsley speaks up about her relationship with Kyle Richards

New Dynamics in the Friendship: Dorit Kemsley speaks up about her relationship with Kyle Richards

The bond between Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards seems to be going through a rough patch lately. During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Kemsley didn’t hold back in expressing her feelings about the state of their friendship. Kemsley confessed that she feels a sense of distance between them, mainly since Richards has grown closer to her new friend, Morgan Wade. The shift in dynamics has left Kemsley feeling somewhat left behind, a sentiment she believes is not exclusive to just her. Kemsley acknowledged that she might receive some heat for her honesty, but she couldn’t deny the truth about how she feels.

Kyle Richards’ relationship with Morgan Wade has become a topic of discussion among fans and viewers for quite some time now. Despite both parties insisting that they are simply “very good friends,” their closeness has piqued curiosity. Wade featured Richards in her music video for the song “Fall in Love With Me,” where the actress played the love interest, donning lingerie and enjoying a bubble bath. Moreover, Richards tattooed a “K” on Wade’s arm and even got matching heart tattoos, further emphasizing their bond. These public displays of affection, both on and off-screen, naturally create speculation.

Richards’ growing friendship with Wade coincided with the challenges in her marriage to Mauricio Umansky. The deterioration of their 27-year-long marriage is unfolding on the reality show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Umansky claims the series has exaggerated the intensity of their separation and openly admitted to not watching the show at all. He expressed frustration at constantly being approached for updates on their relationship, stating that the process will take time and he will inform everyone when he has made decisions. Umansky’s disregard for the show’s portrayal of their struggles further demonstrates the strain within their relationship.

Amidst the difficulties in their personal lives, Kemsley and Richards have found solace in their friendship. Both women have been there for each other during their respective marital woes. Kemsley acknowledges Richards as a supportive friend, and in return, she provides the same support. The geographical proximity between them has also played a role in deepening their bond. Living close to each other has allowed them to lean on one another during these challenging times, creating a sense of comfort and understanding between the two.

The friendship between Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards has encountered obstacles due to the emergence of new relationships and the strain of marital difficulties. While Kemsley expresses feeling distant from Richards as she becomes closer to Morgan Wade, her confession sheds light on the changes within their friendship. Richards’ friendship with Wade has sparked speculation and curiosity, with their public displays of affection adding to the intrigue. Meanwhile, Kemsley and Richards have found support in each other, relying on their close proximity to navigate their individual struggles. As their journeys unfold, it remains to be seen whether this temporary setback will affect their friendship in the long run.


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