New Projects About Jimmy Breslin: A Tribute to a Journalism Legend

New Projects About Jimmy Breslin: A Tribute to a Journalism Legend

New York tabloid legend Jimmy Breslin, who passed away in 2017, continues to make headlines even after his death. With three upcoming projects in the works, Breslin’s contributions to journalism are set to be celebrated once again.

The Library of America is preparing to publish a collection of Breslin’s selected columns and book excerpts, edited by Dan Barry. This compilation aims to showcase the breadth and depth of Breslin’s writing, highlighting his distinct style and storytelling abilities. For those familiar with Breslin’s work, this collection will serve as a reminder of his impact on the field of journalism.

Former New York Post journalist Richard Esposito is working on a definitive biography titled “The Man Who Told The Truth.” Esposito interviewed various individuals who knew Breslin personally, including his first editor, Tom Wolfe, and his close friends Pete Hamill and Steve Dunleavy, both of whom are also legendary former Post editors. The cooperation of Breslin’s family and the extensive research carried out by Esposito ensure that this biography will provide readers with an in-depth understanding of Breslin’s life and career.

Otto Penzler’s new imprint, Crime Ink, will also be releasing a book on Breslin’s life and work. While the details are scarce at this point, it is evident that Breslin’s impact on the field of journalism, and his ability to transcend genres, is still being celebrated today.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, there is news of yet another book about Breslin. This future release from Simon and Schuster promises to delve deeper into the life of this renowned journalist. Although the specifics of the book are currently unknown, it is anticipated that it will provide further insight into Breslin’s career and the mark he left on American journalism.

Richard Esposito, the author of “The Man Who Told The Truth,” considers it an honor to write about Breslin. Having worked with Breslin during his time as city editor at Newsday, Esposito witnessed firsthand the impact Breslin had on the field of journalism. He praises Breslin for not just reporting the facts but striving to tell the truth, forever changing journalism in America.

Esposito explains his motivation to write the book, stating, “Because I felt the Jimmy Breslin not only helped create New Journalism but used his gifts to cover more than five decades of American life. It is a career any serious student of journalism needs to study.” Breslin’s contributions spanned various newspapers and mediums, including the Herald Tribune, the Daily News, Newsday, and the Daily Beast, as well as his numerous books.

Breslin’s impact on journalism cannot be overstated. He famously covered the Son of Sam murders and wrote a highly acclaimed article for which he personally interviewed the man who dug JFK’s grave. These achievements demonstrate Breslin’s tenacity, determination, and commitment to uncovering the truth, qualities that continue to inspire journalists today.

As these upcoming projects demonstrate, the legacy of Jimmy Breslin lives on. From collections of his celebrated columns to comprehensive biographies, the desire to honor Breslin’s contributions to journalism remains strong. His ability to captivate readers with his unique storytelling and his unwavering dedication to truth-seeking cement his place as one of the industry’s greatest. Jimmy Breslin, a true legend of journalism, will forever be remembered for his extraordinary career.


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