New Romance for Danielle Bernstein: A Softer Side?

New Romance for Danielle Bernstein: A Softer Side?

Fashion influencer Danielle Bernstein, the founder of WeWoreWhat, seems to have a new love interest in her life. In a recent Instagram Story, the embattled 31-year-old subtly introduced her possible new beau. The photo featured Bernstein sitting between a man’s legs, donning black leggings and a gray sweater. Her companion sported black pants and stylish white Converse sneakers. They were seen enjoying a moment on the west side of downtown Manhattan. It appears that Bernstein is ready to explore romance once again after her split from financier Anthony Adler just six months ago.

Bernstein followed up with another post, sharing a short clip of herself walking alongside the mysterious man, both clad in the same outfit. She proudly announced, “This jacket [is] new WeWoreWhat,” while showcasing her companion’s feet in the video. Clearly, she is thrilled with their collaborative work and expressed that it is one of her personal favorites. Fans eagerly commented on this subtle revelation, impressed by Bernstein’s confidence in openly discussing her outfit details with her new partner.

Reddit users joined the conversation, admiring Bernstein’s fearlessness in effortlessly sharing her life on social media. One user praised, “She’s so bold to already be talking to her phone about her outfit details while walking with this new man. Not a cringe bone in her body.” However, others couldn’t help but notice the man’s choice of attire. One person amusingly remarked, “Not the white Converse with black socks 🥴”. It seems that despite Bernstein’s fashion expertise, even her partner’s outfit wasn’t fully exempt from scrutiny.

Bernstein’s previous relationship with Anthony Adler came to an end earlier this year. After more than four years together, the WeWoreWhat founder shared a heartfelt and lengthy statement in April, expressing the devastation and immense pain she experienced during the breakup. She confessed, “I’ve been feeling so anxious to post this, but wanted to address something that I’ve been dealing with privately. I’ve recently undergone an unfortunate change in my relationship.” Bernstein elaborated, mentioning that they were at different stages in their lives and that letting go of her best friend and the life they had built together was incredibly challenging.

Acknowledging the support she received from her loved ones, Bernstein thanked her family and friends before sharing that she was still on a journey of healing and heartbreak. She admitted, “Going through a breakup is challenging enough, and I didn’t want to share this update until I felt (sort of) ready to. I am still going through a whirlwind of emotions, and with that, I hope you guys can understand it’s not something I will address further than this right now.” It’s clear that Bernstein is prioritizing her own well-being during this time of transition.

Before their split, Bernstein and Adler had been in a committed relationship since January 2019. They even shared a luxurious apartment in SoHo, which was featured in Architectural Digest earlier this year. However, their once vibrant partnership eventually gave way to irreconcilable differences. While their story began with hope and promise, it ultimately ended with heartache and soul-searching.

Aside from her personal life, Bernstein has faced public scrutiny on various occasions. She received widespread criticism for allegedly copying designs from independent designers, tarnishing her reputation within the fashion community. Additionally, she faced backlash for what was deemed a “tone-deaf” Instagram caption that seemingly exploited the Russia-Ukraine war to gain attention for her company. Despite these controversies, Bernstein continues to command a strong presence in the fashion industry.

Danielle Bernstein’s recent Instagram Story provides a glimpse into her blossoming romance with a new partner. After a painful breakup earlier this year, she is embracing the possibilities of a fresh start. While controversies have marred her reputation, Bernstein’s resilience and dedication to her brand, WeWoreWhat, endure. As she steps into this new chapter of her life, we eagerly await what this promising partnership will bring.


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