OhGeesy Supports Trump and Discusses Sexyy Red’s Controversies

OhGeesy Supports Trump and Discusses Sexyy Red’s Controversies

OhGeesy, the Shoreline Mafia rapper, has recently expressed his support for Donald Trump. In an interview held in Beverly Hills, OhGeesy shared his thoughts on Sexyy Red’s endorsement of Trump, her leaked sex tape, and her collaboration with Drake. Similar to Sexyy Red, OhGeesy believes that Trump should return to the White House, admiring his assertiveness and the potential for another round of stimulus checks. Despite the legal obstacles Trump faces, a growing number of rappers, including OhGeesy, continue to publicly support him. Notable mentions of support come from Chief Keef, Benny The Butcher, Lil Wayne, and Kodak Black.

Sexyy Red has denied any responsibility for the leakage of her sex tape, and OhGeesy offers a straightforward solution to prevent such mishaps in the future: refraining from filming intimate encounters altogether. OhGeesy acknowledges Sexyy Red’s ability to create music that would resonate well within the adult film industry, assuring that her career will continue to thrive despite the controversy surrounding her leaked sex tape.

Meanwhile, OhGeesy has been diligently working to remain at the forefront of the music industry. With his “Geezyworld 2” album, he has been performing two to three shows every night to stay ahead of the competition. However, OhGeesy eagerly anticipates the possibility of receiving economic relief. The prospect of financial support is not only appealing to him but also offers a chance to allocate more time and energy toward creating music, rather than relying solely on live performances.

The growing support among rappers for Donald Trump highlights the intersection of politics and music. While some may question the compatibility of rap culture with conservative political ideologies, artists like OhGeesy and Sexyy Red, among others, are openly embracing Trump as a figure worth endorsing. This trend suggests that the rap community’s support for political candidates may not be solely based on traditional party lines but on other factors such as personality, policies, or even economic opportunities.

Donald Trump’s influence extends beyond the political realm, permeating various aspects of popular culture. Rappers like OhGeesy, recognizing Trump’s perceived “gangsta” demeanor, find themselves drawn to his persona. Moreover, the potential for future financial incentives, such as stimulus checks, further bolsters Trump’s appeal to artists who rely on economic stability to sustain their music careers. Whether or not Trump’s legal battles hinder his political aspirations, his impact on the rap community is undeniable.

OhGeesy’s support for Donald Trump and his thoughts on Sexyy Red’s controversies provide insights into the complex relationship between politics and the music industry. While Trump’s legal challenges may pose obstacles to his political ambitions, his influence continues to grow among rappers who value his assertive persona and the potential economic benefits he offers. As artists navigate the intersection of politics and music, their endorsements and perspectives provide valuable insight into the evolving landscape of hip-hop culture.


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