Paul Hollywood’s Candid Opinion on Twinkies and British Snacks

Paul Hollywood’s Candid Opinion on Twinkies and British Snacks

Renowned as the discerning judge from the beloved baking show “Great British Bake Off,” Paul Hollywood recently revealed his disdain for a classic American dessert: Twinkies. During a visit to New York last year, Hollywood tried the Hostess snack that has been around since 1930 and bluntly stated, “Oh, they’re awful! They’re really bad.” This unexpected critique from a baking expert piqued curiosity among both American and British fans of the renowned chef.

Despite dismissing Twinkies, Hollywood admits to having a weakness for certain junk foods. In particular, he confesses to being a massive fan of a British snack called a Yum Yum. Describing it as a laminated dough deep-fried like a donut and covered with lemon icing, Hollywood’s fondness for this calorific treat shines through. He even goes as far as admitting that a pre-packaged Yum Yum found in a supermarket may mysteriously find its way into his basket.

As Season 14 of “Great British Bake Off” airs on Netflix and Season 2 of “The Great American Baking Show” captivates audiences on Roku, Hollywood finds himself at the center of the holiday baking frenzy. On the American version of the show, Hollywood and his “GBBO” co-judge, Prue Leith, assess the baking skills of six celebrities, including “SNL” star Ego Nwodim, Joel McHale, and “Narcos” star Arturo Castro. These talented individuals compete for the coveted cake stand and Star Baker crown. Assisting with the proceedings are co-hosts Zach Cherry from “Severance” and Casey Wilson from “Happy Endings.”

Hollywood, an integral part of “GBBO” since its inception in 2010, understands the appeal of the show and why viewers find it soothing. According to him, “It’s one of those shows that you can relax and don’t feel threatened by. You can just watch and get into the tent.” The iconic tent, where contestants showcase their baking prowess, has become a focal point for fans. Even Hollywood A-listers like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been captivated by the show’s ambiance and expressed their adoration for the tent.

Paul Hollywood’s candid opinion on Twinkies provides insight into his discerning palate and unwavering commitment to outstanding baking. This critique not only generated interest among baking enthusiasts and fans but also highlights the stark differences in taste preferences between American and British desserts. Despite his harsh judgment of Twinkies, Hollywood’s love for the indulgent Yum Yum demonstrates his willingness to appreciate certain junk foods. Moreover, his busy holiday season on various baking shows solidifies his status as a prominent figure within the baking industry.

Paul Hollywood’s candid remarks on Twinkies and his love for Yum Yums shed light on his discerning taste as a renowned baking expert. As his presence graces our screens during the holiday season, fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of both “Great British Bake Off” and “The Great American Baking Show.” Whether it’s dismissing American classics or indulging in British delights, Hollywood’s culinary adventures continue to captivate viewers around the world.


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