Plastic Surgeon Lenny Hochstein Announces Engagement to Katharina Mazepa

Plastic Surgeon Lenny Hochstein Announces Engagement to Katharina Mazepa

Lenny Hochstein, a well-known plastic surgeon, has recently made headlines with his engagement to Katharina Mazepa. The couple shared their joyous news on Instagram, with Mazepa posting pictures of their romantic engagement. Instead of opting for a traditional proposal, Lenny chose a unique location – on top of an ancient pirate cave overlooking the breathtaking Es Vedrá as the sun set. The caption on Mazepa’s post expressed her excitement, with her exclaiming, “On top of an ancient pirate cave, overlooking the sunset over breathtaking Es Vedrá, he asked to steal me away forever. 🏴‍☠️♾” The post included several snapshots capturing the moment that Lenny Hochstein popped the question.

As news of their engagement spread, fans flooded Mazepa’s Instagram comments with messages of congratulations. People from all over were thrilled for the couple and expressed their well wishes. Louisa Warwick, Mazepa’s manager at The Inferno Agency, also shared her excitement over the engagement. She described Lenny and Katharina as an extraordinary couple whose love story has blossomed into a beautiful union.

Naysayers and Defending the Couple

Some fans couldn’t help but comment on the fact that Lenny and Katharina’s engagement came quickly. They had only been dating for a year, and Lenny, still legally married to Lisa Hochstein, filed for divorce in May 2022. Critics pointed out the short timeline, questioning the authenticity of their relationship. However, supporters swiftly came to the couple’s defense, emphasizing that everyone deserves to be happy, and that true love knows no timing. The couple’s strong bond seems to have defied these critics, as Lenny and Katharina embark on their exciting new chapter together.

Lenny Hochstein and his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein, have been embroiled in a messy divorce battle since their separation. Lisa, known as a star of “Real Housewives of Miami,” accused Lenny of infidelity with Mazepa, a claim he vehemently denied. The divorce proceedings witnessed numerous accusations and claims, including Lisa’s allegation that Lenny failed to provide adequate financial support for their children, Elle and Logan. Lisa even went as far as claiming that she couldn’t afford diapers at one point.

Despite the acrimony, recent reports suggest that Lenny and Lisa may be moving towards a settlement. Court documents obtained by Page Six revealed that the couple entered into a marriage settlement agreement on June 23. This development indicates that they are finally working towards resolving their differences and bringing their divorce proceedings to a close.

In the midst of this tumultuous period, Lenny Hochstein has found love once again. His new engagement to Katharina Mazepa marks a fresh start and a step towards a brighter future. While the divorce battle may not completely be over, Lenny and Katharina’s commitment and love for each other are strong. As they embark on this journey together, we wish Lenny and Katharina all the love, light, and happiness in the world. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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