Prince Christian of Denmark Sparks Engagement Rumors with Princess Maria Chiara di Borbone

Prince Christian of Denmark Sparks Engagement Rumors with Princess Maria Chiara di Borbone

In recent news, Prince Christian of Denmark has reportedly introduced his girlfriend, Princess Maria Chiara di Borbone, to his grandmother, Queen Margrethe, sparking speculation of an impending engagement. According to sources, the young couple joined the monarch for tea at their family home in June, which seemed to have gone well for them. This informal stamp of approval from Queen Margrethe is seen as a significant step towards an engagement announcement, leading the palace to make preparations accordingly.

Princess Maria Chiara di Borbone’s meeting with Queen Margrethe left her in awe of the monarch. The princess had reportedly been practicing her curtsies for months in anticipation of this meeting, and her efforts seemed to have paid off. The insider revealed that Chiara made a good impression on Queen Margrethe, who takes their lineage very seriously and believes it is her duty to invest time in Christian’s happiness and his choice of partner.

The meeting between Princess Mary, Christian’s mother, and Princess Maria Chiara di Borbone was just as important. Princess Mary, who has relied on her mother-in-law’s advice on what it takes to be a Queen since day one, is reportedly relieved that Christian is smitten with the Italian beauty. Both Princess Mary and Prince Frederik think highly of Chiara and believe she brings out the best in their son. However, they have expressed concerns about their ages and wish for both of them to experience the world before committing to a serious partnership.

Princess Maria Chiara di Borbone is the youngest daughter of Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro, who is the godfather to Christian’s little sister, Josephine. Given their families’ close relationship, it is not surprising that the pair have known each other since childhood. While the exact timeline of their relationship’s progression is unclear, Chiara recently spoke to the Danish press about their bond, describing it as “beautiful” and highlighting the fun they have together.

Should Prince Christian and Princess Maria Chiara di Borbone decide to get married, the Italian princess may have to adjust to a different lifestyle. Christian recently made the decision to forgo his royal salary to focus on his education, and he will not be accepting his royal allowance upon his 18th birthday in October. Additionally, he has chosen to delay becoming a full-time royal until he turns 21. While the couple’s marriage would undoubtedly thrust Christian back into the public eye, Chiara may also need to adapt to a less luxurious lifestyle.

The introduction of Princess Maria Chiara di Borbone to Queen Margrethe has fueled speculation about an imminent engagement between her and Prince Christian. While the palace is making preparations for a potential announcement, it remains to be seen when and if the young couple will decide to take their relationship to the next level. For now, all eyes are on Denmark, eagerly awaiting news of a royal wedding that could capture the nation’s attention and bring joy to the Danish royal family.


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