Prince George Shows Interest in Triathlon

Prince George Shows Interest in Triathlon

Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, has returned to Lambrook school after his holiday. It was revealed by Prince William that his son has taken a particular interest in the sport of triathlon. This sport combines running, swimming, and cycling. Prince George’s interest in triathlon was disclosed during a ceremony where Prince William presented an MBE to Non Stanford, a silver medalist triathlete at the Commonwealth Games.

During the ceremony, Non Stanford mentioned that Prince George has been doing triathlon at school. It was also revealed that William’s colleague, who is familiar with triathlon, has been giving George advice, including putting talcum powder in his shoes. Talcum powder is commonly used by triathletes to make it easier for their feet to slip into their shoes and reduce the risk of rubbing during races. George has been sharing this tip with his classmates, who are reportedly excited about it.

Prince George, like many children, enjoyed Halloween festivities during his school break. Last year, alongside his siblings, George went trick or treating with his mother, Kate Middleton, in their Kensington neighborhood. Jay Rutland, husband of Tamara Ecclestone, shared his encounter with the royal family during the Halloween tradition. He described Kate as friendly and down-to-earth, knocking on their door with her kids for trick or treating.

Earlier in 2019, Kate was seen browsing Halloween costumes with George and Charlotte in a Sainsbury’s store near their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall. While the royal bodyguard ensured privacy by discouraging photos, a fellow shopper managed to capture a photo of Kate at the self-service checkout. Although the shopper did not see what Kate actually bought, she overheard Kate engaging with her own children and asking other children about their Halloween costume ideas.

To kick off the half-term holidays, Prince George had an exciting trip to France with his father. They watched the Rugby World Cup quarter-final match between Argentina and Wales. Unfortunately, the match ended in disappointment for Prince George and his father, as Wales was defeated by Argentina with a score of 17-29.

Prince George’s interest in triathlon highlights his growing curiosity and affinity for sports. It is encouraging to see him exploring different activities and sharing his newfound knowledge with his classmates. Additionally, the royal family’s participation in Halloween traditions showcases their down-to-earth nature and their desire to provide a normal childhood for their children. As Prince George continues to grow, it will be fascinating to see which other sports and hobbies he develops an interest in.


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