Prince Harry Celebrates 39th Birthday at the Invictus Games with Friends

Prince Harry Celebrates 39th Birthday at the Invictus Games with Friends

Prince Harry, along with his wife Megan Markle, spent a joyous week in Germany attending the Invictus Games. On the seventh day of the tournament, the Duke of Sussex celebrated his 39th birthday, surrounded by some of his closest friends and loved ones. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and camaraderie as the couple enjoyed various sports fixtures throughout the day.

Joining Prince Harry for his birthday celebration was Nicky Scott, one of his oldest and closest friends. Nicky, who is the co-founder and CEO of Pollinum, has been a confidante of the Duke since their meeting at Eton when they were just 13 years old. The bond between the two friends was clearly visible as they laughed and enjoyed each other’s company during the volleyball final between Poland and Colombia.

The celebration continued with the presence of Misan Harriman, a cherished photographer friend of Prince Harry, and Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer. The group was seen having a delightful time, cheering on the athletes and immersing themselves in the spirit of the Invictus Games. The crowd joined in the festivities by singing Happy Birthday to Prince Harry in both English and German, adding to the memorable experience.

The Mayor of Dusseldorf went above and beyond to ensure Prince Harry had a special birthday celebration. A magnificent birthday cake, adorned with an Invictus Games design and surrounded by luscious strawberries and raspberries, was presented to the Duke. The gesture was truly appreciated and further added to the joyous atmosphere.

The evening before Prince Harry’s birthday, he and Megan enjoyed a private celebratory meal with their close team at a restaurant in central Dusseldorf called I’m Goldenen Kessel. The couple wanted to create an intimate setting to spend time with their loved ones. The restaurant’s menu featured a variety of local delicacies, including Bratwurst and Wiener Schnitzel, providing a taste of Germany’s culinary delights.

The staff at the restaurant were thrilled to have the Duke and Duchess as their guests. They shared that Prince Harry was exceptionally generous and left a generous tip for the service provided. The warm reception and friendly ambiance created a delightful experience for everyone involved.

Prince Harry opted for a casual yet stylish look, wearing a blue shirt paired with washed jeans and trainers. Megan effortlessly stunned in a pair of white cropped jeans, a red striped shirt, and elegant ballet flats. The couple exuded happiness and contentment as they celebrated Prince Harry’s special day among friends and loved ones.

Prince Harry’s 39th birthday was an unforgettable occasion. Surrounded by cherished friends and accompanied by his loving wife, the Duke of Sussex enjoyed a day filled with laughter, sportsmanship, and heartfelt celebrations. The Invictus Games provided the perfect backdrop for this joyous event, showcasing the resilience and spirit that Prince Harry has become renowned for. The memories created during this birthday celebration will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come.


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