Princess Anne Surprises Fans with Appearance on Mike Tindall’s Reality TV Series

Princess Anne Surprises Fans with Appearance on Mike Tindall’s Reality TV Series

The unexpected appearance of the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, on the first episode of son-in-law Mike Tindall’s new reality TV series, “Grand Slammers,” has delighted fans. The series follows members of England rugby’s victorious 2003 squad as they reunite to train a team of prisoners for a match against the Australian rugby team. Princess Anne’s presence added an element of surprise and excitement to the show.

During filming at Royal Ascot earlier this summer, the camera crew captured a meeting between Mike Tindall, his teammate Phil Vickery, and former England rugby captain Martin Johnson, who joined the conversation via video call. To everyone’s surprise, Princess Anne walked into the hospitality room, dressed elegantly in a teal satin coat dress and a matching hat. Her unexpected presence drew laughter and joy from the team, as they discussed the project and shared ideas.

Princess Anne’s connection to the world of rugby goes beyond her son-in-law’s involvement. In a recent episode of Mike Tindall’s podcast, “The Good, The Bad & The Rugby,” the Princess Royal, along with the Prince and Princess of Wales, joined him as guests. The royals delved into their shared passion for the sport and discussed other hobbies they enjoy. The episode also revealed an interesting fact about the Duchess of Cambridge – her love for cold water swimming.

During the podcast episode, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, expressed her fondness for cold water swimming. She mentioned that the colder the water, the more she enjoys it. Despite the dark and rainy conditions, Kate actively seeks out opportunities for cold water swimming. This passion for the activity led her husband, Prince William, to jokingly label her as “crazy.” It was a lighthearted moment that provided fans with a glimpse into the couple’s dynamic and Kate’s adventurous spirit.

In addition to the discussion about Kate’s cold water swimming, Mike Tindall revealed an amusing anecdote about Princess Anne. He disclosed that he had witnessed her participating in the popular drinking game, beer pong. This revelation showcased a lighter and more playful side of the Princess, breaking away from the traditional expectations associated with royalty. It portrayed her as someone who embraces fun and is not afraid to let loose and enjoy herself.

Princess Anne’s surprise appearance on Mike Tindall’s reality TV series and her involvement in his podcast have provided fans with a unique glimpse into the royal family’s interests and personalities. Her presence added excitement and entertainment value to “Grand Slammers,” while the podcast episode showcased the royals’ shared love for rugby and revealed some unexpected facts about their personal lives. Princess Anne’s involvement in these projects demonstrates that members of the royal family are not only dedicated to their official duties but also enjoy participating in more casual and light-hearted activities that bring joy to others.


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