Princess Charlene’s Children Experience a Big Change as They Return to School

Princess Charlene’s Children Experience a Big Change as They Return to School

Princess Charlene of Monaco recently revealed that her eight-year-old twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, have been placed in separate classes for the first time as they returned to school in September. Speaking to Monaco-Matin, Charlene shared that Jacques and Gabriella were excited to see their friends again after a long vacation, but it’s also a big step for them to no longer be in the same class. This change in their schooling dynamic brings new expectations for the siblings, as they eagerly anticipate meeting their new classmates and teachers.

Currently, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella are enrolled at the private L’Institution François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré school in Monaco (FANB). This prestigious institution provides them with a quality education, contributing to their growth and development. The decision to separate them into different classes may provide them with new opportunities for individual growth and independence.

Previous Homeschooling and Princess Charlene’s Recovery

This is not the first time that Jacques and Gabriella have faced significant changes in their education. In 2021, they were homeschooled at the palace in Monaco while their mother, Princess Charlene, underwent treatment for an ear-nose-throat (ENT) infection. This period allowed Charlene to focus on her recovery while ensuring her children’s educational needs were met.

In November 2021, Charlene finally returned to Monaco after spending six months in South Africa. Her recovery has been remarkable, and she has returned to public life with enthusiasm. Prince Albert expressed his pride in his wife’s progress, remarking on her active involvement in various events and her engagement in matters she is passionate about. Charlene is also enjoying spending time with her children, and the year is ending on a high note for the family.

Recently, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert made a series of rare joint engagements in Monaco and beyond. One notable event was their attendance at the Rugby World Cup in Marseille, where they watched South Africa compete against Scotland.

For this special outing, Charlene exuded effortless glamour in an all-black ensemble, comprising a straight-neck top layered with a long-sleeved wrap over jacket and matching trousers. She accessorized with oversized hoops, a cross necklace, and her striking three-carat, pear-cut diamond engagement ring. Prince Albert looked smart in a crisp white shirt and gray trousers, with their warmth for each other evident as he tenderly placed his arm around Charlene during the sporting event.

While Princess Charlene has become a style inspiration for many, she hasn’t always been as confident in her fashion choices. In an interview with Tatler, she reminisced about her first Red Cross Ball experience, describing it as a “baptism of fire.” Unaccustomed to fashion and used to living in a swimsuit, Charlene admitted that on the day of the ball, she had been playing volleyball all day on the beach and didn’t think about getting ready until late afternoon. She borrowed a green dress from a friend, did her hair herself, and painted her nails red. Reflecting on that night, she humorously compared herself to a Christmas tree.

The separation of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella into different classes marks a significant change in their educational journey. While initially excited about seeing their friends and embracing new experiences, this adjustment brings with it a level of anticipation and curiosity. Nonetheless, their enrollment at L’Institution François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré school ensures that they receive a top-quality education. Princess Charlene’s recovery and renewed involvement in public life have also been remarkable, demonstrated by her joint engagements with Prince Albert. Her evolving fashion sense serves as inspiration to others, reminding them that confidence can develop and evolve over time. Overall, this new chapter in the lives of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella is an important milestone that will contribute to their personal growth and development.


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